Italian kitchen furniture design

Discover the experience of a multisensory concert for your home kitchen.

My Kitchen Studio composes a symphony of contemporary kitchen furniture design with arrangement for furniture elements, base units and columns, island and sink, worktop, table and chairs.
  • The concert is performed by a set of drawers, shelves, doors, fronts and special materials.
  • In secondary accompaniment, the choir of appliances: refrigerator, oven, hob and hood.

We design environments that highlight your personality, modern kitchens for social and culinary haute-cuisine experiences.

Our luxury kitchens are a masterpiece of custom Italian design and construction.

We are designers of kitchen scenes created for intense culinary experiences, moments with friends and family, as well as moments of dolce far niente.
We work in direct collaboration with high standard Italian kitchen furniture manufacturers, companies that innovate in technique and aestethics with each new collection or moodboard.

The production of Italian furniture is considered an art form, based on a long tradition of guaranteed quality.

Carte blanche

We work with numerous compositional elements to design custom kitchen scenes, an extensive variety which allows full creative freedom for our customers.

Una cucina di grande belleza.

Our sources of inspiration for kitchen design are based on a repertoire of Italian catalogs and custom projects. We believe there’s a point of convergence between aesthetics and functionality, a sweet spot that can ensure our customers enjoy superlative kitchen designs with a personal touch.

Every kitchen ensemble we design starts with a feeling that becomes a vision to be transformed into reality.

Enjoy an extensive range of innovative materials for the construction of your modern kitchen.

Choosing a material we consider the way the kitchen will be used in order to balance all factors necessary to make it look great and be functional.

Welcome to our kitchen.

You’re welcome to meet us at the showroom to compose together a concert of multisensory stimuli for your home kitchen.

Our mission is to provide an elegant experience of modern kitchen design to nurture intelligence, social and domestic life, friends and family.

The showroom is where we develop our projects, hold events, it is here we meet friends old and new, it’s here where the magic happens in the kitchen.

It all starts with a feeling that becomes a vision, then becomes a reality.