I receive this request almost every day, for covering the wall behind the work front of the kitchen furniture with glass panels. I understand that a local trend has been created and has become a general “must” for these glass panelings: glossy or matte, decorated – with different printed patterns, illuminated or backlit, engraved, laminated, or all combined together. And you can find on the internet without any effort X companies that supposedly deal with something like that …

Well, I have to disappoint you. These glass panel backsplashes on the functional areas of the kitchen (stove / hob and sink) are completely not recommended. You will not find such a thing in any kitchen catalog of a serious manufacturer!

First of all, there is no heat-resistant and secure glass at the same time … just as there is no secure mirror (!)

Secure glass does have properties of increased resistance to tension and shock, but NOT of increased resistance to high temperatures above 100ºC, as formed behind the hob.

Especially in the case of gas hobs, the flame and excessive residual heat is pushed under the cooking vessel to the glass backsplash, so that the finish / print / paint of the glass panel will deteriorate quickly. Moreover, the long-term generated heat- for example in the case of boiling a bolognese sauce or a traditional Romanian soup – can lead to the cracking of the glass panel at any time.

Another disadvantage of the glass panels used as backsplash is the very difficult maintenance in the sink area, a matter that is easy to understand for those in charge of kitchen maintenance.

Glass remains one of the best choices for kitchen fronts, where it will demonstrate all its aesthetic and practical qualities, as well as its resistance in time!

In conclusion, we do NOT recommend glass panels as backsplash. Instead, we recommend HPL or Fenix® panels, or composite backsplash: quartz, ceramic and certain types of natural stone or why not stainless steel. So, there is a multitude of practical and durable alternatives, which can fit into any environment, budget and design concept.

Andrei Gângă

Andrei Gângă

Interior designer @ myKitchen București | Mă recomandă experiența de peste 20 ani în domeniul bucătăriilor, capacitatea de a rezona cu fiecare client în parte și intuirea nevoilor tale reale, astfel că proiectul bucătăriei este unul care să îți reflecte personalitatea și în același timp cu un design elegant, care să sfideze trecerea timpului, funcțional și care ține cont de toate condiționările spațiului. Te aștept la showroom să discutăm despre bucătăria ta! myKitchen | Bucătării cu personalitate Bd. Ferdinand I nr. 70, parter, Sector 2 - București

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