It is almost impossible to answer this question in general. The size of the kitchen, the choice of materials, the particular solutions – specific to each kitchen, the integrated accessories and lighting systems and last but not least the household appliances are the main factors that influence the final price.

However, to help you get a general idea of the price level of our kitchens, you will find below the real price of a real kitchen: an open space kitchen, fully equipped with accessories, which is exactly a catalog kitchen!

This is just an example, all kitchens are made to order depending on your space, materials chosen and requirements!

So how much does a 100% Made in Italy catalogue kitchen cost?


Price: 6.656 € (VAT included).

* The price includes delivery and installation costs for Bucharest metropolitan area. For other localities, the additional delivery and installation costs are calculated individually.

MyKitchen ZEROUNO reflects the true Italian spirit: minimalist design without handles, where the wood and concrete finishes ensure a lively contrast, underlined by the technological perfection through the rhythm of the black anodised aluminum structural profiles.

The kitchen consists of:

Island (dimensions 304 x 97 x H.93cm) with “Concrete FB02” fronts and units on both sides of the island: 3 drawers base unit for the hob, base unit with 2 drawers for the sink, 2 extractable Jolly units L.30cm, 2 units with doors and shelves L.30cm, 4 units with doors and shelves L.60cm, aluminium front and frame for the dishwasher, side panels same as the fronts.

Island countertop in Unicolour HPL, heat resistant, 20mm thick, in fronts finish’ (Concrete FB02). The hob and sink cutouts are made in the factory, so they are completely waterproofed.

Column block (279x61xH.226cm) with fronts and visible sides in 22mm thermo-structured “Olmo Cenere”, composed of: 2 columns for side-by-side refrigerators, pantry column L.30cm, column for built-in oven plus microwave, and column with inner shelves L.60cm.

Groove profile instead of handle and extruded aluminium plinth in black anodised finish. Drawers and hinges with integrated soft closure.

Furniture accessories included: 90cm cutlery tray, wooden knife holder, removable trash can and aluminium protection for the sink base.

What is the cost of a modern kitchen?

The beauty of the style lies in its functionality, which means that we can build a modern kitchen at an affordable price.

The main idea of modern design is to create elegant spaces that efficiently use materials.

Price catalogue

To get an idea of the price for a fully furnished kitchen, please fill in your personal details and will receive the catalog of estimated prices by e-mail.

  • The phone number is not required, but if you complete it, a MyKitchen Studio representative will get in touch with you to discuss some details about your dream kitchen.

Doris Luca

Doris Luca

Managing partner @ MyKitchen | Sunt aici să te ajut cu informații, sfaturi și tot ce te-ar putea interesa despre lumea fascinantă a bucătăriilor. Mă poți contacta prin email: doris@mykitchen.ro sau telefon: 0740315295. Te aștept la showroom să explorezi cele mai noi tendințe în design-ul de bucătării italiene. MyKitchen.ro | Bucătării cu personalitate Bd. Ferdinand I nr. 70, parter, Sector 2 - București

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