Frequently asked questions and answers about modern kitchen furniture

  • Why is it worth investing in the kitchen?

First of all to feel good in the kitchen, to cook with pleasure and love, to enjoy the time spent with friends and family in the comfort offered by the kitchen and last but not least is the set of furniture representing the most significant financial investment of home design.

Usually the lifetime of kitchen furniture is 20 years, so it is advisable to invest in something that will accompany you for the next 20 years of your life.

  • When should I decide on a kitchen project?

Whether we are talking about a house under construction or one under renovation, the sooner the better. You will thus have time to evaluate different kitchen configurations and will be able to make small adjustments of the space, which can bring an important addition of functionality and design, but also budget cuts!

We will prepare your project promptly, including the installation plans (water and gas connections, position of electrical outlets and circuits, technical and ambient lighting, ventilation project) and we will be able to check all stages of space preparation until the kitchen is installed.

  • Are kitchens made to order?

All our kitchens are produced exclusively to order. Each unit or modular element is specially manufactured for your kitchen. Obviously, there are some restrictions imposed by home appliances and certain technical conditions imposed by materials and hardware or simply safety and ergonomics.

We will take into account your requirements and provide a solution tailored to your space.

If you have a house with modern architecture or an apartment in the city, you will definitely have to adopt a modern style for your kitchen, a style in accordance with the architecture, space and location.

The nostalgia of the classic exists in each of us, but a modern kitchen does not necessarily mean a sterile and soulless space. You can bring a classic spirit and that tone of nostalgia to your kitchen through small design interventions: a genuine retro lamp, an antique mirror placed “randomly” or chairs with a vintage design.

If you have an old or newly restored house … again we recommend a very modern kitchen, which will offer you all the technical and functional advantages of the modern kitchen, but which, through a strong design contrast, will highlight the history of the house and the original architectural details.

If you are going to design the kitchen, here you will find answers to all your questions

  • What is the best material for the kitchen?

The criteria for choosing the materials fall into two categories. On the one hand, we are interested in resistance and easy maintenance, which we find especially in technological materials (melamine, laminates, composites, ceramics, glass, etc.). On the other hand, we are interested in the ‘feeling’ and tactile sensation of materials, and here we are talking especially about natural materials (solid wood, veneer or natural stone).

The choice of materials and finishes is perhaps the most difficult stage of the project as the choice directly influences the project budget. Therefore, each project is analyzed from the beginning and tested by the relationship between functionality and design.

  • Is there a kitchen worktop on which I can chop directly with a knife?

Ceramic countertops (e.g.: Laminam) or sintered stone (e.g.: Lapitec) will definitely withstand the biggest challenges you have ever thought of. However, we do not believe that it is advisable to cut something directly on the worktop and not on a chopper. For example, if you want to cut a tomato or even a slice of bread, it will be very difficult to clean the countertop and in addition you can damage the knife blade. But everything is up to you!

  • Your countertops are heat resistant?

Our kitchens are produced 100% in Italy, and according to European regulations it is forbidden to sell kitchen countertops that do not comply with all safety regulations in the field. Therefore, all types of countertops that you will find with us are heat-resistant, completely waterproofed and offer a non-bacterial surface that allows direct contact with food.

  • Why is the sink important?

When cooking, the sink is certainly the most used “post” in the kitchen and the most demanding in terms of maintenance. We always recommend sinks mounted under the countertop or even welded sinks. They will demonstrate immediate functionality in that you will have a continuous and always clean countertop. A sink does not have to be large. A single, more generous tank can provide all the practical benefits if it has the right accessories: sliding chopper, drain grate, vegetable washing tank or detergent and utensil holders. 

The water tap is just as important because it must complete the design of the sink but at the same time offer you extra functionality such as active or removable shower, water filtration and heating or even operating and adjustment thru motion sensors.

  • Induction or gas hob?

If the electrical installation of the house allows, we definitely recommend an induction hob. The reasons are extremely many and are reflected in efficiency, comfort in use and easy maintenance. For those who are really passionate about cooking, we also recommend a quick gas burner (WOK type) next to the induction hob, as there are dishes that require “sautéed” cooking or the traditional grill and vegetable hob.

Take advantage of our professionalism and experience of over 20 years in the field of kitchens to design your dream kitchen

  • Exhaust hood or filter?

The hood is a key element in the kitchen project. Both its design and positioning must be established from the beginning. An exhaust hood will always be more efficient, but new filtration technologies, with plasma or carbon / zeolith filters, have started to offer very good performance. Don’t forget that the hood will also influence the air conditioning system of the house, so an exhaust hood will remove the heated or cooled air (depending on the season) air that will have to be replaced.

In the case of passive houses, a hood with filtration / recirculation system is mandatory.

  • Can the oven be fitted next to the refrigerator?

Yes. Modern electric ovens are ventilated so that they do not emit excessive heat from the side and do not affect the proper operation of the refrigerator / freezer. The oven can even be placed over a built-in freezer or refrigerator, a practical solution for confined spaces.

  • Is it worth closing the kitchen with sliding panels?

We know that the question often comes amid odors. Our answer is YES, it’s worth it! We can also offer you the closing system with sliding doors / panels, but for this we must discuss as early as possible – as much as possible even from the first stages of construction – because the preparation of the space involves a series of technical interventions, almost surgical!

  • Do I have to buy the appliances from you?

It is not mandatory, but it is preferable for you. The appliances provided by us are best quality, plus we can offer you an extended warranty period, free installation and startup training. If the appliances are purchased separately by you, you must send us the complete technical data sheets, and we can do the installation with an additional fee.

  • Do you make only kitchens?

Kitchens are the center of our business, but we can provide other furniture as well: living room, dining room or hallway, all made of the same materials as the kitchen. Thus, for open-space projects, we can achieve a complete and coherent design solution.

  • You are a manufacturer?

Our kitchens are made in four production facilities in Italy, they are manufactured 100% in Italy by traditional factories, which combine craftsmanship with the latest production technologies. Each piece of furniture is unique in itself and is treated individually in the production process especially for your kitchen.

Doris Luca

Doris Luca

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