The island kitchen, prima donna of living space

In these times when we see on TV chefs (and not only) on cooking shows, the island kitchen is becoming more and more popular. A particular configuration that should not be seen only as a fashion, the island kitchen is an interesting and functional solution for a fluid space.

The idea of freeing the 4-walled kitchen closed by a door to have an open kitchen might scare you. But the technological level reached today by hoods makes it possible to absorb odours efficiently and silently.

In addition, removing an interior wall to make room for the island kitchen means giving the house a modern and social feel, bringing more light into the rooms and also making better use of space. The unique environment thus resulting, often experienced as a constraint or necessity, has become a new way of experiencing the home.

The island kitchen is by definition the most suitable solution to integrate the kitchen in the living area

The island kitchen is perfect for those who love cooking but want to spend time with friends or relatives, or even for those who want to be able to prepare dinner while in the company of other family members.

The island kitchen – like all visible models – must be based on an effective hood to prevent stagnant odours, and here you can choose from several options for positioning the hood: built-in hood, ceiling-mounted hood or suspended hood .

The island kitchen is a composition with a special impact, which offers the best results in large spaces: the larger the space, the more efficient and functional the island can be, truly multifunctional: the base units can accommodate the cooking and washing area, storage compartments and work surface. Only ovens and refrigerators are generally positioned along the wall in columns.

Island kitchen design

Island kitchen design must allow comfortable room for processed and operations in the kitchen around the central island, leaving a passageway of at least 120 cm.

All island kitchen models allow the attachment of a snack counter, for breakfast and snacks, or even a table top at normal height.

Large or small, the island kitchen can share the same style with the rest of the kitchen, or on the contrary can be separated from the rest by using other materials.

Common features of the island kitchen: large containers, furniture units with drawers, glass showcases, closed compartments or open shelving that allow the display of objects thus giving life to a warm, welcoming environment, in a word an environment lived to the fullest.

There are two types of kitchens:… kitchens and island kitchens!

Doris Luca

Doris Luca

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