How to design a luxury kitchen, choose the most suitable models for exclusive houses and some ideas for those who love the classic style or for those who prefer a contemporary style.

The kitchen has always been the heart of the house, even of the most exclusive homes. Classic or modern, the luxury kitchen is the element that gives class to the most prestigious houses, whether they are villas or dream apartments. Beautiful and functional, practical and aesthetically appealing: these are the boundaries you have to move between when designing the luxury kitchen.

MyKitchen luxury kitchens offer you many solutions, from the classic style to the most contemporary and modern.

How to choose the right model? Here are some tips and ideas that can inspire you in designing a space as important as the kitchen.

În ambientul unei locuințe, bucătăria joacă un rol fundamental și nu doar pentru că este un loc pentru pregătirea meselor. În casele moderne, din ce în ce mai des, bucătăria este încorporată în zona de zi, cu spații deschise mari și ample, care permit să te bucuri de prânz sau de cină într-un ambient relaxat și primitor, care permite interacțiunea dintre cel care gătește și restul persoanelor.

The first choice: a closed or open-space kitchen?

If you have a large and bright room, well defined but closed, you can opt for a separate kitchen, where you can give free rein to your imagination without worrying that unpleasant odours will invade the rest of the house. Also, here you can organise the dining area, with a high snack counter, which can offer extra space for cooking. On the other hand, if don’t want to completely isolate the kitchen from the rest of the house, you can opt for the solution of closing the kitchen with sliding glass doors, which will also help the hood to reduce odours.

If you prefer open spaces, you can choose to focus on the island kitchen, a fundamental element for modern kitchens, but which also suits classic kitchens, with the role of delineating the space. And you don’t have to worry about odours, because the hoods integrated in the countertop (i.e.: downdraft hood) or even in the induction hob are the saving solution.

In any case, in order to have a luxury kitchen, it is essential to turn to a kitchen design specialist, who will offer you advice and a unique project, with furniture tailored to your space, manufactured as per your preferences and requirements.

Bucatarie de lux
Blat din ceramică cu plită inducție invizibil integrată sub blat, astfel că doar comenzile sunt aparente
Masă din lemn Noce Canaletto

Style, concept, competence, premium materials and craftsmanship: these are the true secrets of a luxury kitchen.

Classic or modern?

If you love classic style, it is essential to focus on solid wood, such as ebony, acacia, eucalyptus or elm, which can be left natural or lacquered; the same goes for contemporary models that combine the purity of shapes with state-of-the-art materials, be they super-matte or glossy.

Bucatarie de lux
Integrated ceramic sink with Statuario Marble look
Ceramic furniture doors with Statuario Marble look

For the worktop of a luxury kitchen, the choice leans towards marble, natural stone or granite, especially for classic kitchens or the versatile stainless steel, a centrepiece element in the most modern models, which allows you to have a sink or even gas burners built-in in the countertop without any visible joints.

Bucatarie de lux
Stainless steel worktop equipped with hob, sink and integrated hot pot holder
The hob controls are mounted vertically on the worktop
“Rovere Grigio Londra” Furniture fronts

Also, to complement the character of the luxury kitchen you can choose from a premium range of high-performance appliances. If the refrigerator can become an independent piece of furniture, instead the dishwasher must always be built in, so as not to spoil the harmony of the ambiance. You can highlight with refined elements, such as the wine cooler or the sommelier drawer.

bucatarii de lux - cantina vinuri, sertar sommelier
Cantină de vin “Dolce Stil Novo” de Guido Canali pentru Smeg
Sertar Sommelier “Dolce Stil Novo” de Guido Canali pentru Smeg

Showcases and shelving dividing elements with of metal structure will intensify the sumptuous character of a luxury kitchen, which can have various uses: from storage space for serving dishes, to the incorporation of appliances (oven, espresso machine, wine cooler, microwave) and up to the bar function.

Lighting plays an important role, it is the one that highlights the materials, the refinement of the details and the complexity of the project. The spotlights and LED lights inside the furniture units provide a pleasant indirect lighting and give an even more select atmosphere to the whole ensemble.

bucatarie de lux_vitrine
Dividing shelving system that seem to float.
Transparent showcases covered with black hazelnut wood.
Showcase transformed into a wine cooler; printed glass doors with honeycomb pattern.

Regardless of your style, it is important to trust us, the kitchen experts, to let your free spirit choose the best materials and give personality to the environment, but never at the expense of functionality: a kitchen that isn’t ergonomic will not never be a luxury kitchen.

Doris Luca

Doris Luca

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