In recent years, luxury kitchens have become a taboo subject for most of us, being associated primarily with opulence, excess and implicitly with bad taste …

Unfortunately, we have many examples of this kind at hand and this is one more reason why the term “luxury” has become synonymous with “vulgar”, a term that seems to be avoided, trying more recently to be somehow replaced by the term “premium”. ”- whose connotation is broadly interpretable.

And yet, Luxury is part of our nature to want the superlative, to want the ultimate comfort and well-being, to be safe, to give us the feeling of fulfillment, to pamper ourselves with all that is best.

And kitchen furniture is no exception, so we shouldn’t be afraid to want Luxury, implicitly a luxury kitchen, we just need to redefine it in our perception.

In the case of kitchen furniture, only 20 years ago, a luxury kitchen meant, among other things, to be made of solid wood of rare exotic essence, with thick countertops of carefully selected natural stone, brought from the farthest corners of the world. world.

The days when luxury kitchens were a demonstration of the importance, class and financial power of those who owned them – through the excessive use of natural materials processed with expensive artisanal methods – are over, and today we try to be as responsible as possible for the planet’s resources, to fight excess and live in harmony with our own needs and our inner spirit.

The kitchen of New Luxury means abiding by these principles, so that the kitchen furniture can be made of technologically produced, eco-sustainable, recyclable and even renewable materials, panels with aluminium cellular structures or intelligent finishes that faithfully reproduce natural materials up their touch.

The very thick stone countertops have been replaced by countertops of minimum thickness (up to 4mm!) made of ceramic or sintered stone. All these new materials offer the highest aesthetic performance and unmatched practical features and are perfectly machined by industrial robots.

In the case of a luxury kitchen, each element is designed individually, just for you. Even in the case of an “ordinary” ceramic kitchen countertop – the material, its finish, colour, thickness and size, type of profiling, reinforcement for resistance, the integration of the stainless steel sink covered in the same ceramic material etc … even the packaging is customised so that the countertop can be delivered and installed in your home without any risk and with a guaranteed result.

For luxury kitchens, this is reflected in their uniqueness, in the work of the engineers, architects and designers who worked to create your kitchen, all without the slightest excess, without waste and environment-sustainabilty.

Household appliances also follow the same principles of the New Luxury

Mineral water from Switzerland, bottled in excess of plastic or glass and transported two thousand kilometres, is no longer a luxury for anyone. The new luxury is to have a water purification and demineralization station in the house so that you can drink tap water to the standards of the Swiss one, and even more, to use it even for cooking! Luxury appliances are designed on automation principles, so that they don’t have to be supervised and thus give you as much time as possible to enjoy your loved ones, along with an excellent result.

Even if everything is robotised and automated, this doesn’t mean that human labor in the production of luxury kitchens has completely disappeared. On the contrary, the artistic side of luxury resides in those elements that can only be manufactured by hand by real craftsmen who use traditional methods, passed down over generations. They are present through the decorative elements, meant to inspire spirituality and at the same time represent an anchor in the past, constantly reminding us of the real human values.

Andrei Gângă

Andrei Gângă

Interior designer @ myKitchen București | Mă recomandă experiența de peste 20 ani în domeniul bucătăriilor, capacitatea de a rezona cu fiecare client în parte și intuirea nevoilor tale reale, astfel că proiectul bucătăriei este unul care să îți reflecte personalitatea și în același timp cu un design elegant, care să sfideze trecerea timpului, funcțional și care ține cont de toate condiționările spațiului. Te aștept la showroom să discutăm despre bucătăria ta! myKitchen | Bucătării cu personalitate Bd. Ferdinand I nr. 70, parter, Sector 2 - București

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