Buying a kitchen for your newly renovated apartment or for your new house is an important purchase that hides many pitfalls and difficulties.

It is a long and complex process that must be faced with patience and competence. Are you scared just by the thought of possible measurements, surveys, visits through dozens of stores, online searches, projects, cost estimates or installation?

Are you confused and confounded by the dozens of kitchen offers on Facebook, billboards or in storefronts? You have to evaluate just the price of the kitchen? Or you rely on a kitchen brand you consider reliable? Do you have to turn to an architect? Company A offers you free quartz countertops, but company B offers you free home appliances…

No problem, it’s time to relax and find out some important details that will help you make the right decision when choosing kitchen furniture.

First of all, the Moment of the Kitchen appears suddenly and can pass you by quickly if you are not careful. Most of the time it appears when the plumber calls you and asks “Where should I place the water point for the kitchen sink?” And then, in order to “solve” it quickly, you have to imagine some organisation in the kitchen… that just can’t be something complicated!

Well: I will put the sink on the right, the hood towards the window – so that it ventilates better (… the hood) and the fridge goes right behind the door, so that it won’t get in the way. Aaa… and there was something else, the oven is placed high nowadays, it looks modern … and there is also the microwave oven … and the coffee machine, because this time I want a good, automatic one. Should I also put a dishwasher, because I see that everyone has one? … and where is it best to put it, to the left or right of the sink? But does all this fit in, because you also need a table… and some cupboards …

You will probably succeed to patch something up that pleases you at the moment, but you can be absolutely sure that you have not solved the kitchen, on the contrary, you can make many mistakes that can have disastrous long-term results.

So go to a kitchen specialist, as early as possible, that is, before you take over the management of the site and give instructions to some constructor on how to draw the water connections and how to put on the tiles, possibly on all the walls… that anyway there are 2 boxes left and… you never know, better to be!

I say again: go to a kitchen specialist, especially since in Romania, it’s still FREE!

And a real specialist will definitely help you not to let the Kitchen Moment pass you by!

Unreal deals

The Romanian market is flooded with pseudo offers, invented promotions, false discounts and gifts, which can also be found in kitchen furniture showrooms.

Ads like “free quartz countertop” that may be combined with other existing promotions may give you headaches only to read them and calculate the multiple combinations that make it possible to obtain these highly publicised discounts.

And in the end you may be surprised to discover that in fact there was no real reduction because the price of some items was increased to compensate for the “offered discount” and to give the illusion of potential discounts.

When, in our view, simpler and more transparent may be granted a discount on the total amount payable, if possible.

We, for example, offer right from the start the best price we can provide for your kitchen.

When and how is the kitchen paid for?

Normally, for the purchase of kitchen furniture you must pay an advance of at least 30% (the vast majority of stores require 50% or even 70%) – at the time of placing the order and / or signing the contract, to launch it into production and then pay the difference a few days before delivery.

Most often, the delivery and installation stage is an important moment in the whole process of completing the kitchen, it is the phase in which any errors in the design or processing of the order become visible and which sometimes lead to unpleasant incidents. If not managed professionally by the assembly team and the kitchen furniture distributor, these problems can create misunderstandings and unpleasant moments. It is important to understand that these problems can occur but with professionalism they can be easily overcome and you will enjoy the long-awaited result.

Regarding household appliances, no matter what tempting promotions you may encounter, we strongly recommend that you do not purchase any appliance until the kitchen furniture project is finalised and discuss with a specialist in advance. We too can make you an offer, which is often accompanied by benefits that you do not find online, such as: extended warranty, free installation, startup training, equipment and bonus accessories. In addition, we can offer you exclusive appliances, which you cannot buy from retail stores.

However, if you have already purchased the home appliances, at the time of placing the order we inform the Italian manufacturer about the appliances that will need to be incorporated in the furniture (brand, model and code) so that all furniture items are tailored to those exact dimensions. Although household appliances seem to be standardised, depending on the manufacturer there may be small differences in construction, which if not taken into account can affect the final result.

Also, in order to avoid unforeseen situations, we take into account small safety margins for the installation, so that if during the site works there may appear thickening of the floor or walls / ceilings, they should not affect the installation of kitchen furniture.

Once we have completed the project and placed the order with Italian manufacturer, it is further checked by an expert designer and in a final stage your kitchen is produced and delivered within the specified time (except for delays due to unforeseen circumstances). The furniture units are delivered already assembled, the countertops delivered with cutouts to incorporate household appliances and the installation will be done by real professionals with great experience, who can successfully manage any unexpected situations.

Of course, it is desirable that all the parameters that we recorded at the time of the measurement remain or evolve in the sense agreed when signing the contract. Conversely, if changes occur after the project has been submitted into production, no changes can be made, which means that, for example, if the plasterboard ceiling has been lowered more than the agreed quota, you will have to assume these changes. Even in this undesirable situation, we will try to help you as much as possible, so that we can install the kitchen furniture.

In conclusion, we repeat once again how vital the involvement of a specialist in your project is. Besides designing and undertaking all the technical, functional and ergonomic issues, a specialist will raise questions that will help you understand how important the kitchen can be in your life, how many benefits and small daily pleasures it can offer, how much it matters for your health, balance and even for the family budget, how much the kitchen is present in your social life, during weekends with guests or for the holidays.

And even more, your new kitchen will help you experiment and discover, and thus will help you evolve spiritually.

Come visit us to talk and “solve” it … the right way!

Doris Luca

Doris Luca

Managing partner @ myKitchen | Sunt aici să te ajut cu informații, sfaturi și tot ce te-ar putea interesa despre lumea fascinantă a bucătăriilor. Mă poți contacta prin email: doris@mykitchen.ro sau telefon: 0740315295. Te aștept la showroom să explorezi cele mai noi tendințe în design-ul de bucătării italiene. myKitchen.ro | Bucătării cu personalitate Bd. Ferdinand I nr. 70, parter, Sector 2 - București

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