To say that it is possible to set the price of a modern kitchen in general is a difficult thing to do, because every model, every brand and every different type of kitchen furniture has prices that vary and can be very different in terms of materials, finishes and the accessories with which the selected kitchen model is created.

How much should a modern kitchen cost?

For most of us, the kitchen is the most expensive thing we buy with “money down” in a lifetime. So, it is worth paying full attention to the process of purchasing a kitchen, not only in terms of value of the investment but also in terms of the fact that you will not be able to change the kitchen as easily as the car, for example. A kitchen is designed to last for 20 years of intense use, so the investment will pay off in abundance as long as you enjoy it.

To return to specific figures, a kitchen should represent 10% of real estate value of your home. You must keep in mind that in addition to offering you comfort and pleasure in use, in the case of selling the house, the kitchen will increase the real estate value by at least these 10% invested. You may have noticed that when you are looking to buy or rent a house the first thing you look at and check it carefully is the kitchen. So it is not surprising that even when you sell the house, the kitchen will be an important commercial advantage.

Practical instructions on how to manage the cost of the kitchen

There are several factors to consider that influence the price of a modern kitchen, starting from its dimensions, the type of configuration chosen, the materials used, household appliances and even accessories.

1. Set a budget.

It is the task (and interest) of a competent designer to find the best solution for your needs, respecting the allocated budget. If you provide us with this information right from the start, you will make the most of the time allotted for discussion and study of your project. To give you an idea of the cost, the price of a modern Italian design kitchen starts at 700 euros / linear meter, without taking into account the accessories.

2. Closed kitchen or open space?

In a closed kitchen, the practical and functional aspects will prevail, so the choice of materials – which are a decisive factor for the price – must also be practical. You can choose for melamine or HPL fronts (furniture doors) that are economical – but durable and easy to maintain – and you can invest a little more in a quartz countertop and / or wall cladding. composite that will be visually very present, thus becoming the star of the kitchen.

It should be noted that small kitchens do not offer a complete overview, the note of the modern kitchen is provided by small design elements that you will always have in your field of vision – for example: niche modules, backlit cladding, shelves and wall boxes that you can decorate beautifully -.

In the case of an open space kitchen, things change because there must be continuity, fluidity and coherence for the entire living space: kitchen-dining-living-entrance hall. This time, the choice of materials will be a bit more difficult and implicitly more expensive, because they must meet a number of requirements, both practical and especially aesthetic.

Also, because we are talking about a complex space, there will be more materials in our mood-board, associated with design elements such as showcases or metal shelves, wall coverings, so a balance of prices must be found.

We recommend that you come to the showroom with the room measurements, or even with the cadastral plan, in order to establish the configuration of your kitchen, the elements it will contain and any on spot choice.

Usually, unless there is already a plan developed by a designer or an architect, the kitchen specialist is the one who will perform a space assessment in order to draw up the final project.

3. Assess the materials

The cost of a kitchen is largely influenced by the selected materials.

Front materials: they can range from melamine, which is durable, easy to clean, with a good price and aesthetics – to lacquered MDF, to materials of high aesthetic durability, such as glass, veneer or stainless steel.

To manage the cost of the kitchen and still get a quality kitchen, the doors can be melamine or acrylic, materials that today have an aesthetic effect far above that of the past.

Worktop materials.

Worktops can significantly affect the budget if they are made from marble, natural stone, cement resin or other precious materials, compared to laminate countertops, which are more economical.

4. Choose appliances only after you have a kitchen plan.

Their price can significantly affect the cost of furnishing the kitchen based on the created package. Choosing appliances in the basic version or the same brand for the entire kitchen, helps keep the total cost under control.

For example, a complete package of fully built-in NEFF Collection appliances, which includes an electric oven, induction hob, dishwasher, hood, refrigerator, sink and tap starts at 3,500 euros.

I suggest you check for ongoing promotions, as they are often interesting. For example, the well-known brands Bosch and NEFF constantly have campaigns that either extend the product warranty up to 5 years or grant promotional products when purchased over a certain threshold.

Also, think about how appliances will be used, to understand, beyond desires and trends, what is really useful for you in the kitchen.

5. Consider accessories.

Interior lighting of interior compartments, pull-out drawers and baskets, drawer dividers, pocket doors (i.e.: those that slide inside the furniture, in the space between 2 columns), interior drawer equipment, corner body mechanisms, selective garbage collection elements are just some of the accessories you can introduce in the kitchen. When the final line is drawn, they can cause a significant price increase of the kitchen furniture.

For this reason, don’t invest in unnecessary accessories, even if they look great at the showroom, as they will not be of much help in everyday life. Choose only those accessories that you really feel necessary for the purpose you will give to the kitchen. Our advice can be useful in this regard as well, if you share with us the house flow and how you live in this space.

What is the cost of a modern kitchen?

The beauty of the style lies in its functionality, which means that we can build a modern kitchen at an affordable price.

The main idea of modern design is to create elegant spaces that efficiently use materials.

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