We found the much sought after technician, or rather, we rediscovered ourselves in the kitchen.

Bogdan Pencu returns to MyKitchen Studio team after an 18-month voyage spent on other “kitchen” lands. More than 12 years ago, Andrei and Bogdan got acquainted and started a professional relationship and a close friendship based on their common passion for kitchens. Starting with February 2020, the two work together again and we feel it fully, the projects become much more fluid in terms of technical management.

We have a conversation with Bogdan to get some kitchen secrets from an experienced technician.

Where does this passion for kitchens come from?

For me, every kitchen is an equation that needs to be solved, a design equation that involves a lot of technical, ergonomic, production, logistics and installation factors. Building a custom kitchen is like a very complicated puzzle, a complex engineering “toy”. But it’s not a game at all, it’s precise engineering.

At the same time, the kitchen is my favorite place in the house, and here I spend most of my time, all the beautiful or important moments of life. I understand and feel the kitchen in its fullness as center of the house and family core.

What kitchen do you have at home?

Together we’ve installed an Italian kitchen 8-9 years ago, of which I am happy with every day, year after year. It still looks impeccable although it is fully exploited on every occasion.

What would you change in your kitchen?

The 45 cm dishwasher was a compromise from the beginning, but the compromises only work temporarily. Every day I feel the need for a 60 cm dishwasher. I would really like an undermount sink (mounted under the countertop), it would be absolutely wonderful from an aesthetic point of view, but it is almost impossible to make these changes.

I discovered FENIX in recent years, it is a great material, I would choose it anytime, but unfortunately it did not exist 8 years ago. I am looking forward to designing my new kitchen, a personal project designed for the space in the new house, as we want to move soon.

How do you feel the Romanian client has evolved in recent years?

I do not deal with customer relations, but only with the technical processing of orders and their turnkey installation. The projects that go through me are very varied, a large part targeting a multitude of mixed ideas, which are often somehow contradictory. As an in-house joke, we refer to these kitchens as “shawarma with everything”.

Honestly, I think that for a practical and truly beautiful kitchen, customers should filter their wish list and focus on one – maximum two ideas, which they can highlight without compromise.

How do you think the world of kitchens has evolved internationally in the last 10 years?

First of all, new highly efficient construction materials have emerged, for instance FENIX, which completely changes the paradigm. Slim-tech ceramics and new technologies for using glass in the kitchen have also appeared, which are “healthy” materials and design ingredients with enormous potential!

Accessories never impressed me, they appear and disappear just as quickly, few prove their usefulness over time. The new lighting systems are also an incredibly versatile design tool, only thru lighting you can change the atmosphere in seconds.

What really matters to me is the quality of the furniture construction, and Italy is the undisputed leader in the production of kitchen furniture, both in terms of design and technique.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Most likely I will grow old peacefully, in the world of kitchens, in the world of our home kitchen, where magic happens.

Bogdan Pencu has been a kitchen planner for almost 15 years and helps us calibrate kitchen design projects at a technical level, both in the studio and in the relationship with the manufacturers where attention to detail is imperative.

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Doris Luca

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