Italians have been working furniture design and production, especially kitchen furniture, for almost 100 years. Italy is a world leader in kitchen furniture, and the technological and constructive possibilities cannot be matched by the Romanian furniture production.

Also, the price of products made in Italy is significantly lower, due to a very high production flow and volumes, Italy being one of the most important furniture exporters.

Quality and continuity is always guaranteed, so you will always receive what you ordered, according to the project we developed together.

Factory-One is one of the main centers of kitchen furniture production

All MyKitchen products are manufacture in Factory-One in Italy, an ultra-modern production center that combines automation with craftsmanship to create works of art in the production of custom furniture.

The F-1 factory integrates complex processes in an efficient and intelligent way – from design, planning, implementation, everything is done synchronously. The factory is self-sufficient in design and planning, automated cutting and assembly for kitchen construction elements, from single panels to complete sets of kitchen furniture.

The factory workflow is computerized to achieve millimeter accuracy and production capacity at high standards for custom kitchen configurations.

Individual components customisation

Factory-One works with complete production processes, including automated storage solutions to synchronize parts on the assembly line. The results are perfect furniture sets from all points of view, verified and inspected by a strict quality control.

Time, quality, production costs – variables maintained in optimal parameters

The Factory-One production line integrates all stages of production, from design to delivery. The projects are always delivered on time due to processes designed and put into practice from A to Z by technicians specialized in furniture production. Dedicated lacquer and coating departments use solvent-free ecological varnishes in finishing operations to comply with legal regulations but especially for environmental protection.

Craft values for ultra customized projects

Factory-One comprises a special artisanal production unit made up of designers and craftsmen who work both handicraft as well with the help of advanced tools and technologies. The synergy between craftsmanship and automation allows a production capacity of high quality, so each kitchen becomes a work of art, made according to the imagination of design and customer preferences, based on integrated manufacturing processes.

Your bespoke kitchen, from project to reality

We are designers of customised kitchen furniture in every detail. Our projects are reviewed and confirmed in the factory’s technical departments, and with the help of advanced custom-made and just-in-time production technology, they become a reality.

We are waiting for you at the showroom to find out more details about our way of working, including for a specialised design consultancy.

Lots of inspiration!

Andrei Nico

Andrei Nico

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