What does a modern kitchen mean? What are the characteristics that allow us to define it as such? We, the MyKitchen Studio team, know this very well and in this article will give you some practical ideas about modern kitchens.

It is a proposal that integrates fashionable solutions, which are both functional and able to satisfy the needs of an increasingly demanding and informed clientele.

Modern kitchen is the most popular choice among interior designers and customers we work with, and most of the time, the younger generations are looking for kitchen furniture in accordance with a more dynamic lifestyle and oriented towards easy maintenance and practicality.

We develop modern sets of kitchen furniture, with attention to tradition and innovation, organized according to your style, to create interesting, useful and functional spaces.

Some ideas about modern kitchens

When we talk about modern kitchens we refer not only to the aesthetic impact that distinguishes them, but also to the materials used and their type of use, which must take into account the new lifestyles that are increasingly “smart”. These are the three key points we take into account when proposing design solutions for modern kitchens.

The environments tend to open, the boundaries between one room and another become imperceptible, and kitchens, which keep pace with this trend, tend to offer solutions that are based on the language of the living area: technical or aesthetically unpleasant elements are hidden, to be revealed only when needed. The handles disappear, to make way for the elegant ones integrated in the structure (groove type), with recessed handles or even completely replaced with push-pull openings for an absolutely minimal language.

 The idea of a classic hood visible or integrated in the wall units has also been abandoned and we are making room for the new top and technologically advanced hoods: hidden in the worktops or fully integrated in the induction hobs.

The last idea, but no less important, is the use of so-called “snack” countertops in the design of a modern kitchen: The table is not forgotten, but certainly must make room for these comfortable countertops that allow quick preparation, but also snacks or appetizers with friends.

What are the characteristics of your space?

Families will need more space compared to single people or couples, and with children who play actively, the safety of the modern kitchen will be very important.

For this reason, we pay special attention to the design, so that the whole set of kitchen furniture is ergonomic, functional but especially safe to use, even by the little ones.

During the installation stage, we perform the precise fixing of the elements to ensure the stability of the furniture units and to guarantee safety in use.

Light plays a vital role.

Well-lit spaces are the hallmark of modern style, and when preparing food it is important to have an optimal view of the cooking area.

For lighting, there is a trend of using the lights incorporated into modern kitchen furniture, but we always try to emphasise the natural one. Even suspension lamps are ideal for this particular style.

We always consider the positioning of the windows, radiators and central heating, the colour of the walls, the floor type, the electrical installation, the exhaust route of the hood, the cooking flow, serving people at the table and last but not least how you eat with your loved ones. Everything is calculated, integrated, composed in the set of custom designed kitchen furniture.

We think upon the whole and think in millimetres.

It is essential to consider your criteria for using the kitchen space. Modern kitchens are mainly functional, and their beauty derives from their utility and aesthetic sense.

A good design idea for a modern kitchen, with which you will not fail, is to opt for a vivid contrast between the floor, furniture and walls. This doesn’t mean combining strong colours but rather the choice of a grey natural stone worktop paired with wooden kitchen doors or in neutral colours or, why not, even white for your modern kitchen.

The island is an essential element of modern kitchens, as it allows the realisation of multitude solutions for the dining area, an area that can be complemented with modern chairs and other functional elements to enjoy morning coffee or to take an afternoon snack.

For larger spaces you can consider the idea of an open space kitchen.

Modern design is an inspiration to create complete harmony in the house. A modern kitchen is dynamic, a perfect blend of functional and aesthetic furniture. Choosing modern kitchen furniture means experimenting with new materials and new concepts.

Doris Luca

Doris Luca

Managing partner @ myKitchen | Sunt aici să te ajut cu informații, sfaturi și tot ce te-ar putea interesa despre lumea fascinantă a bucătăriilor. Mă poți contacta prin email: doris@mykitchen.ro sau telefon: 0740315295. Te aștept la showroom să explorezi cele mai noi tendințe în design-ul de bucătării italiene. myKitchen.ro | Bucătării cu personalitate Bd. Ferdinand I nr. 70, parter, Sector 2 - București

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