Luxury kitchens are the expression of elegance in kitchen furniture. The shapes of the furniture decorate the environment in a harmonious and balanced way, the study of light and design details exalts the gaze. Natural baked wood, hand-applied cement resin, aluminium frame as support for furniture doors, furniture columns tailored to the height of the space are just a few examples for which to choose a luxury kitchen. Luxury kitchens are rigorously manufactured by true master craftsmen with the support of the latest technologies, and the result is that each kitchen will be a unique, fascinating and magical masterpiece.

The rigorous elegance of Italian luxury kitchen is a combination between continuous technological research, experimentation with new materials and genuine craftsmanship.

Italian design is famous precisely because it embodies, with perfection and depth rarely found elsewhere, the two intrinsic souls of this concept so complex, so well defined: the point of contact between an artistic and creative world and an engineering, productive world, a synthesis between imagination and function, with the precise purpose of solving a practical, real problem.

The luxury kitchen is truly an iconic environment of this concept. In itself, the kitchen is the main place of synthesis, of combination between different elements to produce something unique; but when elegance comes into play, the synthesis becomes more delicate and complex and makes the ideal world of beauty, luxury, search and the deeply concrete and material world of food, ingredients and handicrafts intertwine.

Luxury kitchen design is universal

What does luxury really mean to you?

Maybe you are very busy in your daily life, sometimes you barely find the time to catch your breath. Then maybe for you luxury is the oasis of home, a place where you can unwind or have a comfortable ambiance in which to enjoy a home cooked meal, if your job forces you to eat a lot in Town.

Maybe you are a passionate home person, for whom every inch of the space must be enjoyed or on the contrary, you like to have fun, socialise with friends and family and make them feel welcome and relaxed in a sumptuous space or of discreet elegance.

Luxury, by definition, is a state of maximum comfort and what makes someone feel comfortable is as individual and diverse as the people themselves. Whether it’s time, peace, space, self-expression, feeling at home and love, all of the above or something completely different – the real design of luxury kitchen is about anything that makes you feel luxurious on the inside.

If you are considering a luxury kitchen, then MyKitchen is definitely the right choice for your kitchen design. MyKitchen Studio has in its portfolio kitchen furniture with timeless, elegant features, with refined design and we can make to measure the luxury kitchen of your choice.
Doris Luca

Doris Luca

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