We live strange days and certainly even stranger days will follow.

The absurdity is that this time we can all say that we are “stressed” in our own way, stress generally meaning the phase of adaptation to new, unknown conditions, a period of structural change of life.

We have – you – and us ongoing projects which must be completed. I am referring to those projects that involve a new house and implicitly a new life. The design project of a new house is generally also the design project of a new life, especially for the generations of which we are part, those who have always had the urge to “build”.

Looking at the full side of the glass, in the case of the undersigned, a Montepulciano D’Abruzzo, there are still many positive issues to note and I think we have an unexpected “time bonus” of which we should take full advantage of. We now have time for a clarification, for a “decantation” of all the mixed ideas that we would not have been able to put in order under …. normal circumstances.

But before I release myself into the philosophies of “normality”, I look around me, in the kitchen, and see how true and valid all the principles we propose to you every day are now demonstrated!

Our whole philosophy about home life, which revolves around the kitchen, about the kitchen as the center of life and so on, these days takes on all the meaning in the world! And this time I hope you all agree.

And I think it’s a good time for some conclusions and a reset.

Reset to „home” settings

The house is important ONLY if it also means “Home”.

And on this special occasion I hope that the new generations can understand that before being “citizens of the world” there must be that place where you can return “Home”. Andrei Pleşu said at one point that there is a colossal difference between dwelling in a house and living at home (!)

Home comfort is paramount.

What comfort means is a discussion in itself, but in short, the feeling of comfort can quickly translate into the feeling of inner peace, natural order, a space with its own respite, which charges us positively, a personal space, a sanctuary.

So, it is not enough having a fully functional house but from which you want to escape as soon as possible!

We need to spend more time with our loved ones, get to know each other better!

We now have the chance to become reacquainted again. We must learn to give ourselves not only mutual respect, but also space, attention and tolerance. We see now that we are, however, so different when we are taken out of the routine. We must not be frightened, but enjoy every surprising sparkle of the other, because it is absolutely unique!

Time will prove longer than we thought it was!

And it should be dedicated to “self-improvement”.

And this “self-improvement” thing is not a matter of learning from the hundreds of books available on the bookstores’ shelves. Self-improvement is NOT an upgrade to the latest version available, it is your own way of understanding and interacting with the world around you.

You can simply experience anything!

Like a child, you can play: dare, make mistakes, be self-taught, to this is ultimately reduced “self-improvement”!

For example, you can learn to make a correct omelette tomorrow morning; most people have never tasted a correct omelette in their whole life (!!!)

And speaking of the kitchen, like the omelette, there are many other common recipes that you can learn so that you can discover the true tastes of some comfort food, tastes that you can then bestow to your loved ones.

And remember, even love goes all through the stomach!

Let’s reset to „home” settings!

P.S.: And I bet that even your smart-working happens in the kitchen also?

Andrei Gângă

Andrei Gângă

Interior designer @ myKitchen București | Mă recomandă experiența de peste 20 ani în domeniul bucătăriilor, capacitatea de a rezona cu fiecare client în parte și intuirea nevoilor tale reale, astfel că proiectul bucătăriei este unul care să îți reflecte personalitatea și în același timp cu un design elegant, care să sfideze trecerea timpului, funcțional și care ține cont de toate condiționările spațiului. Te aștept la showroom să discutăm despre bucătăria ta! myKitchen | Bucătării cu personalitate Bd. Ferdinand I nr. 70, parter, Sector 2 - București

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