Italy is known worldwide for the quality and excellence of its fashion and design creations, so every year people from all over the world visit Salone del Mobile, the meeting place of the most valued kitchen furniture manufacturers.

Given these premises, it is not at all surprising the prestige of Italian luxury kitchens, which encapsulate all the knowledge and experience of high craftmanship tradition, combined with the extraordinary style and quality of today’s greatest designers.

Luxury kitchens are not designed just to charm: although the aesthetic side is primary and essential, comfort and durability are certainly not inferior.

This is why the design that impresses at first sight combines elements that ensure maximum functionality: from monumental islands, which in addition to fulfilling a decorative role facilitate ergonomics, to the most vanguardist appliances and hidden mechanised structures.

When you are in front of luxury kitchens, you perceive them more than just furniture elements, you feel in the presence of artworks. From our point of view, a luxury kitchen is one that combines the purity of form with the naturalness of materials, and the result will stand out majestic and stately, releasing a refined and valuable design.

Choosing a luxury kitchen means aiming for the maximum, combining unparalleled elegance with the latest technological discoveries. Most of the time, the one who chooses a luxury kitchen certainly does not want to compromise: willing to invest and insatiable, the buyer wants the kitchen to reflect him to the end, offering everything that is best from the past, combined with contemporary technology and comfort.

It could be the individuality and diversity it radiates or the reflection of self-expression it exudes. It could also be the high standard you are aiming for, or simply the experience of interacting in a comfortable environment. A wonderful kitchen that makes your daily life easier, more comfortable and cheerful, a place where you prepare meals and is both fun, whether you boil the teapot for the morning tea cup or prepare a five-course meal to entertain and delight your friends, the luxury kitchen is a place that really suits your taste – that means luxury!

In a luxury kitchen you can express your personality by decorating it with beautiful objects but at the same time effortlessly maximizing the use of space. And then there are the “inner values” of the kitchen! A luxury contemporary kitchen knows how to display certain elements with style, keeping others hidden, but always ready at hand.

Let us transform your vision into reality. Let’s get together to find out what luxury really means to you. Whether it’s time-saving details, an impressive entertainment space, an oasis of herbs or something else that allows you to experience the feeling of luxury you want and deserve, together we will discover and translate it into reality. Start your journey to luxury now, here at MyKitchen.
Doris Luca

Doris Luca

Managing partner @ myKitchen | Sunt aici să te ajut cu informații, sfaturi și tot ce te-ar putea interesa despre lumea fascinantă a bucătăriilor. Mă poți contacta prin email: doris@mykitchen.ro sau telefon: 0740315295. Te aștept la showroom să explorezi cele mai noi tendințe în design-ul de bucătării italiene. myKitchen.ro | Bucătării cu personalitate Bd. Ferdinand I nr. 70, parter, Sector 2 - București

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