It’s a good chance you’ve seen nice images on Pinterest or Instagram with exceptional interior design projects, and your imagination has started to run wild. The options are limitless and you think that an interior designer can replicate certain pieces of furniture that you like, or can create a customized project based on your technical and aesthetic criteria.

You know, of course, that most of the inspirational images on Pinterest or Instagram are 3D renderings, interior design simulations made with impressive photo-realism. Many people can’t tell the difference between a photo-realistic 3D rendering and a real project photo, but this is not the subject of the article, sometimes even we can’t tell the difference at first glance.

  • Zampieri Cucine, Line K. Real photo or 3D simulation?

  • Photo shooting session for catalogue production Zampieri Cucine, Line K.

3D Renderings in kitchen design

We’d like to start a discussion on 3D renderings, projects designed by interior designers and architects to present their customers with interior design proposals. The realism of a 3D design involves simulations of light, colour, atmosphere, textures, shadows and shapes of furniture within a space, so the production criterion of the simulation, photo-realism, can be considered as important as the technical data sheet.

Renders are commonplace in design, they help us see and show our customers the big picture as well as necessary details in a realistic way, applied to their space and to the specific criteria of size or space conditioning. With the help of a 3D rendering, we know what shapes we manufacture, at what scale and dimensions, what would be the price quotation for the proposal in the image.

  • Zampieri Cucine. Simulare 3D.

A 3D simulation looks good, but can it be produced specifically for your space?

The difference between an inspirational 3D rendering (Pinterest type) and a technical design 3D rendering is that the technical design rendering can be manufactured in the factory exactly as seen in the image, with exact textures, shapes, materials and dimensions. The goal of a 3D rendering is the photo-realism of the simulation, but we consider that our technical goal in a 3D rendering of furniture is factory production. The ability to produce what we simulate in the project is a great advantage for custom interior design work.

An inspirational rendering, created only as a mood-board, requires shopping in furniture stores to find the units in the rendered image, or the project is outlined with inspiration from the stores. Often, when shopping, the pieces we are looking for are not always identified, pieces with similar shapes are sought, we have more room for improvisation.

A simulation of furniture design with the purpose of factory production allows the construction of the units figured in the picture, and the solutions for production are multiple. They can be complemented with pieces found while shopping for accents of style and complementarity.

Working interior design with 3D simulation means technical project management, beyond aesthetics.

In kitchen furniture design and/or interior design, we work with exact renderings of the assemblies that will enter production. We work with elements from the manufacturer’s catalogs, and the price quotation is made using parameters depending on the dimensions per price group for materials, including special requirements of shapes or functionalities.

The design of a 3D production rendering is used as a factory order data sheet, yet the inspirational rendering is only an image to define a style. A 3D rendering without custom production capability is just an inspirational moodboard.

More than 3D renderings for inspiration, we develop technical projects with customized 3D simulations for factory production.

We are a team of interior designers specialized in kitchen furniture, but we also develop complete interior design projects for homes of various sizes, including apartments, houses, or even residential compounds.

We develop custom kitchen furniture projects as our main passion in the art of interior design and we collaborate with large production companies in Italy like: Zampieri Cucine, Arredo3 or Doimo Cucine.

At MyKitchen showroom we have access to dozens of manufacturer catalogues and samples of materials for detailed customizations of projects in progress. We work with dedicated software for 3D design and price quotation, and our sketches and 3D renderings go into production based on project data sheets.

If you’re looking for a kitchen furniture design project, you’re welcome to meet us the showroom. Please make an appointment to explore how we can turn a dream and a 3D rendered project into a reality in your kitchen.



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