Kitchen Talks, Episode 1

The Kitchen Talks series debuts at the “table of truth” with Tudor and Divina Triță, in dialogue with Andrei and Doris, MyKitchen Studio. You can find out more spicy details about the Triță house project by clicking on Play.

How do we get acquainted with the spirit of the place in interior design?

In each house, there lives a Genius Loci, or the spirit of the place, a feeling, an idea, or a philosophy of life that can be brought to life using furniture, decorative objects, as well as using materials and finishes that make up a residential atmosphere.

When we develop an interior design project we want to highlight the personality of the house as reflected in the people who live in it, so our mission is to know and understand people (desires, needs, aspirations) to get closer to the soul of the house.

The Genius Loci from the Triță family house embodies the personality traits of the 4 members of the family, Tudor, Divina, Nichita, and Albert. After a very exciting period of general construction (minimum 12 months), the Triță family house has been transformed into a welcoming home with positive and relaxed energy.

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“Building a house or managing a renovation site are responsibilities that change the rhythm in a family, they bring a new dynamic between family members. A construction site can bring a family closer when everyone is working together, or it can cause multiple inconveniences or difficulties when the family does not work together.”

  • Divina Triță

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The theme of the house started from the concept of shelter – a calm and warm refuge – which welcomes people and invites interaction, provides security and privacy. A series of elements symbolically support the concept of shelter at a utilitarian and symbolic level – see the open fireplace (from Traforart) which levitates in the center of the living room and warms the atmosphere, or the “milestone” (quartz or granite) of the wall panel from the living room.

“The kitchen is a place where we gravitate nicely next to each other, it invites us to play and be creative. ”

  • Divina Triță

We built a kitchen with an island and integrated table which leads to the fireplace, represented by a central, autonomous console. The multifunctional kitchen island serves the main utilities – washing, preparing, and serving food. The center console hides generous storage spaces, includes the hob and sink. The countertop is made of Peltrox, a tin-like metallic material with hygienic properties, often used in the restaurant kitchen industry.

The integrated table in the continuation of the island is made of Castagno Nero finish and outlines a dining space for family members and guests. We emphasized the warmth of this wood finish, in contrast to Peltrox, a material of personal significance for the Triță family that was imprinted in time with the memory of all breakfasts with loved ones and guests of the house.

Our mission in kitchen design, and later in house design, was to achieve absolute simplicity with invisible technology. We focused on lifestyle, things that can be felt, touched, that produce a feeling. We aimed for a subtle and ageless design, without dominant colors, with gadgets hidden from view, but accessible within natural movements in space. We focused on the effects of design composition and not on the technical datasheet of the furniture configuration or appliances.

“Technology is present, but it’s hidden – that means comfort, peace, clarity, clarity. When I see a clear space, my thoughts are cleared, the notions are correlated . Simplicity and technology means comfort. With clarity, everything can breathe, everything is in its right place.

  • Divina Triță

The discussions about interior design started from theoretical notions to find practical solutions. Mainly, we sought to find out what home means for the Triță family, and this can mean different things for each of us.

A larger space in the new house brings a different life, a new space with a new interactive map. We work on most of the interior design projects starting from the kitchen arrangement to continue in the rest of the house, from the dining room, living room, office, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

“At home every element is personal, every object speaks your language, it is a closed universe that contains and protects us.”

  • Tudor Triță

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Our philosophy is to offer residents pleasure in interacting with the house, with the elements of the house, to create a welcoming, multifunctional, multisensory playground. We sought to achieve simplicity, and simplicity, peace, comfort are the ultimate luxury, a state of well-being that the Danes call hygge – comfortable conviviality in your own home.

“The house is not just a refuge, it is a starting point, a place of return, a point of reference.”

  • Tudor Triță

The luxury of modernity allows us to juggle with materials and technologies, so the atmosphere can be controlled in terms of light, temperature, and other functions of the house.

We shaped the space so that it became an easel for personal and family pleasures – arranging things, housework, including recreational activities – the Triță family gathers around the desk in the study room to play Dungeons & Dragons, an RPG adventure game (Role Playing Game), which stimulates the imagination and brings people together in a fantastic world.

In time, during the construction site, we approached the Triță family and spent very pleasant moments every week at the “Wednesday meetings” scheduled to supervise the construction site works, meetings that had become a tradition for a good period of time. No matter how much we miss those meetings, nothing compares to the feeling of a completed construction site and the calm of a house that sits by itself around the people it hosts.

“We thought that the most difficult part of building a house is the structural framework, the construction engineering, but we came to understand that the personality of the house is defined by the interior design, and these details bring magic to the home. More than materials, construction and Excel lists, building and decorating the house was a journey about the people I resonated with, a communion of friendship and positive energy.”

  • Tudor Triță

Project file

Kitchen & Entrance Hall


  • Door columns : Melaminico „Noce Caffe”
  • Island doors: Lăcuit „Metallo Rame”
  • Worktop: PELTROX, thickness 13mm
  • Natural veneer table with leg „Castagno Nero”
  • Dining chair with wooden frame „Noce Vintage” and eco-leather seat ă „Testa di Moro Vintage”, Model Pelé
  • Showcases: Reinforced glass fronts on black anodized aluminum frame with push-pull opening
  • Faucet: Blanco, Model Lanora-S made of solid stainless steel
  • Island hood: Falmec, Model Lumen 175 with external engine
  • Home appliances – NEFF

Living room & Lounge

  • 3-module sofa, completely removable, upholstered in Dionne fabric – Model Daniel
  • Armchair with wooden structure Therm Oak and leather seat cat. K – Model Cindy
  • Aluminum multimedia composition – Model LINE
  • Heat-treated oak coffee table – Model Pond Big
  • Coffee table, matt lacquered Corda finish – Model Pond High


  • Office composition with matt lacquered “Corda” base units, wood paneling and elements with glass shelves and drawers with coloured leather fronts „Cuoio” – Model Contigo
  • Office desk FENIX NTM „Bronzo Doha”
  • Doimo bookcase, Bronze transparent glass display case
  • Wall unit: Fronts Matt lacquered color “Corda”, Noce wall cladding
  • Office chairs with rollers, structure painted black fully upholstered / quilted in fabric – Model Captain Play
  • Upholstered pouf in ecological leather type „Baxter Nocciola”

Children’s rooms

  • Office compositions, geometric paneling systems in “Olmo Cotto” finish and IUTA matt lacquered MDF
  • Dressing with hinged doors and bedroom furniture compositions
  • Storage bed with fully upholstered bed frame made of Kashmir fabric with Pratic tilting opening mechanism – Model Scacco
  • Convertible ottoman in a bed, completely upholstered in IUTE fabric –Model ZIP

Master bedroom

  • Upholstered bed in Carolina fabric, with storage and mattress lifting mechanism by tilting – Model Mark
  • Insular composition (bedside table set), Melwood Dark melamine finish and Marna color matt lacquer – Model Innova
  • Dressing room with 3 sliding doors in etched glass color Slate on black aluminum frame, with 6 interior modules in Rovere Thermo finish, interior accessorization according to project – Model Square Maxi
  • Fully upholstered armchair in Econabuk – Model Julie
  • Glossy lacquered coffee table Rosso Cina – Model Den
  • Matte lacquered bedside table Antimonio colour – Model Tavolino
  • Floor mirror – Model Giunone


  • Monolithic washbasins made of natural stone, plumbing and accessories – Novello


  • Office: hinged glass door with fabric inside, on black anodized aluminum frame– Model Quadra
  • Ground floor bathroom: sliding doors, with hidden sliding train, aluminum structure and white painted wood fronts and mirror – Model AND
  • Floor: RAL pantographed and lacquered MDF doors, handles with magnetic closure – Model AND
Andrei Nico

Andrei Nico

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