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A simple, immaculate white kitchen

We showcase a U-shaped kitchen (or peninsula kitchen) designed by architect Eduard Năstăsoiu from Voxx Design, recalibrated by Andrei Gângă, MyKitchen designer, and produced in Italy by Binova Cucine, then installed by the MyKitchen team. The sliding glass doors were also designed and delivered by us as part of the project.

Project must-haves

The owner of the house had bought 8 Smeg appliances to be incorporated into the new kitchen furniture. Considering the relatively standard space of 15 sqm (3×5 m), with 2.70 m height for the furniture, the kitchen configuration aimed for maximum efficiency solutions, as well as to impress with a few aesthetic tricks.

We’d like to thank the Voxx Design team

We have designed and installed a very eclectic series of Binova Cucine kitchens based on the projects recommended by Voxx Design. For some projects, we had creative freedom, for other projects we completely aligned with the original sketches, with minor technical recalibrations.

We thank them for their collaboration and trust in our solutions.

A practical and multifunctional kitchen with hidden technology

Removing a suspended unit

  • The only element we’ve changed geometrically in this kitchen project was removing a suspended body to get more visual breathing room.
  • Notice the free space to the right of the window, we’ve had the idea of removing the last suspended body to widen the space so the window allows a wider cone of light, thus the kitchen becomes brighter.

The LED line of light gives the feeling of continuity

  • Notice the stepped wall cladding accented with that strip of LED light that continues with the top line of column appliances, it’s an element of continuity in the kitchen.
  • Each interior of the furniture is LED-illuminated for visibility during the evening.

Gola openings

  • Gola openings eliminate the need for a handle and contour the alignment between doors in the column area and base doors, which are at the same height and serve the same functions.

Doors with push-open system and electric action

  • Notice there are no door handles for the appliances built into the columns. For the fridge and freezer doors, we used a push device with an electric opening.

Creative solutions for the integration of household appliances

  • Due to the standardized dimensions of the 5 built-in appliances (refrigerator, coffee machine, microwave oven, freezer), the width of the furniture defined the width of the kitchen space in the construction site, including all necessary safety spaces.
  • For the horizontal upper space of the columns, there is a space for heat evacuation recommended by the manufacturers of household appliances (minimum 2 cm).

Sliding glass doors to separate the kitchen from the dining room

  • The idea was to allow access to natural light from the garden but to separate the kitchen and dining room & living room areas.
  • We installed sliding doors without a track on the floor, but with a top track mounted on the ceiling that the doors are hanging on. The rail is hidden, and integrated within the plaster ceiling.

The kitchen is very equipped in terms of built-in technology:


  • Coffee machine
  • Oven
  • Compact microwave oven with thermal drawer
  • Refrigerator (left)
  • Freezer (right)

Base units

  • Steam oven
  • Wine cellar
  • Hob with integrated absorption

Under the sink

  • Grohe Blue water filter
  • Scrap shredder


  • Pole with sockets for mobile kitchen appliances

Materials and aesthetic choices

Bright white glass doors

  • The entire kitchen has glass fronts on a Champagne shade aluminum frame.
  • The glass catches the sunlight and gives a very pleasant translucent effect as if the furniture was floating.

Accents of style

  • Quartz Wega countertop from Santa Margherita, super white, 2 cm thick
  • Undermount sink (mounted below the countertop line)
  • Absorption hub integrated into the worktop
  • Marazzi vertical plating, Callacata Gold, with gold inserts
  • Smeg equipment, Dolce Stil Novo collection, copper-champagne (Ottone)
  • Ottone color faucet
  • Ottone hob contour

What was our approach for the project?

For this simple and immaculate kitchen in the photos, there was a gigantic job behind the scenes.

For such a simple, clean, sterile result, there is perfect mathematical and geometrical design. Both for easy installation and also to achieve certain design effects when spending time in the kitchen.

In interior design, luxury comes from pluses and minuses. Sometimes luxury is the lack of an element, an element you cross off the list. The fact that you allow the design a blank space.

By eliminating the suspended body, we avoided the “bus kitchen” feeling, thus the kitchen became completely illuminated and the furniture became almost weightless.

When working with glass tops, there is no on-the-spot adjustment like we can sometimes do with wood. The safety glass on the aluminum frame has fixed dimensions. The space has to be perfect before assembly, and this involves many hours of calculations and design, many hours of discussions with the people involved, and many hours of the site.

More than furniture design, kitchen projects are furniture engineering.

→ Andrei Gângă, Art Director MyKitchen Studio


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Our vision in kitchen design reflects your vision.

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