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A classically inspired kitchen with romantic influences

We introduce an L-shaped kitchen with island designed for a rather generous space – with a wide opening to the living room and to the garden. The clients wanted a “proper” kitchen on a stylistic level, but very efficient in terms of storage and functionality.

The collection on which we based this configuration is Miton Cucine / Levante, thanks to the option of using classically inspired profiled fronts. We have integrated 2 fridges, washing machine, two ovens, including an induction hob with a wok burner for open fire cooking.

Thanks to Adriana Andrei from Assembled studio for help during the project.

Central island facing the living room and view to the garden

  • The central island has worktop and sides in Statuario Altissimo Opaco matte ceramic.
  • It can accommodate 2-3 people for breakfast and works great for kitchen parties.

Columns with profiled MDF doors for classic inspiration

  • The profiled MDF finish for the columns and base units – matte lacquered Grigio Kenia – gives a classic kitchen look that is perfect for a house located in the suburbs with access to the yard and nature.
  • The second column on the left of the wine cooler integrates a 75 cm (width) refrigerator for daily food, opening to the kitchen.
  • The column to the left of the 2 ovens in the far plane integrates a 60 cm refrigerator for desserts, drinks, fruit, with an opening to the living room to facilitate quick access without entering the kitchen space.
  • The wine cooler is a special order from customers to store their wine collection at the optimal temperature.

Mixed induction hob with wok burner

  • Our customers use a lot the Wok, so the fire burner was a must. In tandem with the efficiency of the induction hood, this technological combo offers all the necessary conditions for preparing your favorite recipes.
  • The installation of the hob is flush on the worktop for the aesthetic effect of a plane surface.

Suspended glass columns

  • We chose a timeless finish for wall units – white lacquered matte glass on a Champagne aluminum frame.
  • To provide an alternative rhythm for the arrangement of the wall units, we integrated a suspended module with Rovere Naturale veneered oak shelves.
  • The ceramic wall tiling is also replicated on the window sill for stylistic unity. The grain of the ceramic continues on the sides of the sill, an effect achieved by using the same ceramic glaze for the wall coverings.

Garden view

LED lighting system

  • Each and every kitchen designed by MyKitchen Studio is strategically equipped with LED lighting with motion sensor and remote control to provide the most pleasant experience at night.

Materials and aesthetic choices

  • Column doors and base units: profiled MDF lacquered matte Grigio Kenia
  • Wall units doors: Matt lacquered glass
  • Worktop and wall coverings: Statuario Altissimo Opaco matte ceramic, 12 mm thickness


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Andrei Nicolescu

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