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3D rendering versus reality

We present a one of our latest projects, a kitchen with peninsula installed in an atypical space with numerous technical challenges, for which we used a number of ingenious visual tricks. We started the project during the mid-2022 and it is very nice to see the result a few months later.

What always strikes us, as well as our customers, is the positive difference in quality between the textures of the fronts in the 3D renderings versus the reality of the finished furniture.

Our Dutch client wanted a very special material for the kitchen design – MDF Lacatto Lucido Spazzolato (glossy lacquered), a very popular material in Italy but not really used in Romania due to the prevalence of the cheaper lacquered alternatives made of polymer, inferior in quality.

We based our project on small texture samples of MDF Lacatto Lucido Spazzolato, but it is sometimes difficult to achieve an ultra-realistic level of gloss in 3D renderings, so we eagerly awaited the installation of the furniture to enjoy the result.

The porcelain-like MDF Lacato Lucido Spazzolato fronts

  • We used 2 fronts of similar colors of MDF Lacato Lucido Spazzolato (Grigio Box & Grigio Ferro) for the columns and for the bases, which is an absolutely phenomenal glossy material for kitchens.
  • Laccato Lucido Spazzolato MDF is among the most expensive categories of front finishes due to the quality of the glossy effect obtained through manual and technological sanding procedures. The material is painted in multiple layers and polished mechanically, then by hand, using a range of large grain to small grain polishing to achieve a special gloss, the porcelain reflection.
  • We predict that this material will return to kitchen design trends due to its practical and aesthetic advantages – the material increases the space perceptually due to the reflection effect and offers a timeless and high-class look.

The ceramic cladding

  • Notice the worktop and wall cladding, including the side of the island cladding, these are made of the same material (Yamuna ceramic, 12mm) as we’re using on the floor to achieve continuity.
  • For the ceramic floor, we delivered and installed large-sized slabs (330 x 165 cm) seamlessly integrated with no visible lines of contour. Under the ceramic tiles, we have an under-floor heating system.
  • The seamless continuity of the floor, a minimalist element of Scandinavian inspiration, spans from the horizontal plane to the vertical plane running up the side of the island and onto the kitchen fronts and wall cladding.


  • Worktop → Yamuna Ceramic, 12 mm, including the wall and floor tiling
  • Column group, bases, and peninsula → MDF Laccato Lucido Spazzolato Grigio Box
  • Suspended units → MDF Laccato Lucido Spazzolato Grigio Ferro
  • Showcases → Aluminum frame with Fume glass doors and metal structure with glass shelving


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