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Looking at this interior design photo gallery, you have to understand that what you see is the result of an extensive collaboration between passionate specialists, people who create a complex world with many interconnected sensory dimensions, designed specifically for the people who will live in the apartment.

Perhaps you will not notice the fine boundaries between the contributions of each individual specialist, because a project coordinator ensures there’s harmony between the elements so that the sum of the elements works together perfectly.

We have been collaborating on Voxx Design projects as designers and suppliers of kitchen furniture since 2019.

Voxx Design architecture studio was built by Marius Cristoiu and Eduard Năstăsoiu, a duo of architects who have been working together for over 7 years, who managed to form an impressive creative team and establish themselves through a sophisticatedly simple strategy: professionalism.

As a general approach, Voxx Design projects outline a contemporary lifestyle, with authentic influences of glamour and luxury, a style that evokes a “bourgeois” atmosphere especially through the sequence of details*.

[*The “details” are those little things the architects work on at night…]

We present a Voxx Design reference case study: a project for which we developed the kitchen concept and pitched in our ideas for the complementary living space.

Eduard, what was the concept for designing this apartment?

The layout of the 105 sqm apartment in the One – Floreasca building illustrates the fusion between masculine and feminine. This was the project theme established with the beneficiaries and which we tried to refine step by step.

From a chromatic point of view, I went for shades of “colored” grays and hints of gold, plus some firm color accents. The wall finishes are made of veneers with various inserts of materials that connect everything subtly and bring a touch of elegance to the ensemble.

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The most work was on the master bedroom, a space of impressive comfort that was created using the upholstery behind the bed made of custom panels with brass inserts. Complementary, the pieces of furniture outline a simple, elegant and high-class environment, with the signature details we love.

Eduard, what defines the Voxx style?

We try to bring certain favorite details, but reinterpreted for each project, thus we manage to bring a common creative line that can be seen if you look with an overall perspective of the works in the portfolio.

We follow 3 creative parameters – detail, atmosphere, harmony.

In terms of details, we have a few principles – once we use a certain range of quality for the choice of materials, the whole concept aims for the same quality, so we do not go bellow that level of quality. Whether we are working with golden metal inserts, fluted ceramics, wall coverings with geometric textures or professional lighting systems, the level of quality is superior for each one.

The importance of a Project Manager in interior design

In addition to matters of style, creation and design, an important area of Voxx Design projects is project management. Clients often want to work with a Project Manager who manages all aspects of the interior design to save the effort of personally coordinating discussions with individual specialists.

In the case of Voxx Design, Marius Cristoiu is this project manager who coordinates all the details, including in the relationship with us – MyKitchen Studio.

Marius, what is the project management philosophy of Voxx Design?

First of all, we choose our clients very well. Things become very simple if we focus on our ideal way of working with our ideal clients.

We prefer to work for high-profile clients who know how to invest in the comfort of their home and life, and who understand the importance of a generous budget to achieve the desired goals. We do not compromise on vision, nor on detail, because otherwise we cannot keep our initial promise.

We work exclusively with suppliers who deliver premium products and services – experts in their field – whether we are talking about suppliers for raw materials or finishing materials, lighting systems, furniture or custom kitchens.

We started working with MyKitchen Studio after trying out one project with most of the kitchen studios in Bucharest. MyKitchen Studio have delivered top quality kitchen furniture made in Italy, but more than that, they have always delivered vision in design, they are experienced designers. For some projects I relied exclusively on their vision, for others we delivered the design according to the overall concept.

The idea is that we can create an atmosphere rich in symbolic elements and references only if we maintain the same standards for details and the general picture. We work with trending materials, modern systems and a holistic approach to an environment.

Also, while we love working in our custom Voxx style, and clients hire us specifically for that – yet we’re always looking to explore other creative areas. For us, Voxx Design means potential – the potential to explore, to experience new things, the potential to innovate with every project.

So, the philosophy is simple: the customer experience must be really pleasant and stress-free during the project, so that the end of the project becomes a dream come true.


What was our approach for the project?

The brief was to create a discreet kitchen that camouflages itself in the well-defined atmosphere of the space, a kitchen that would not stand out in the absence of elements such as the ovens or the hood.

Just as interior design has a “flow” at the overall level, the kitchen project somehow follows the same “flow” in turn. The choice of materials is very refined: reserved – even neutral, but still very present in texture.

We are in a long partnership relationship with Voxx Design and I think we have reached a certain professional maturity together. We continue to discover new territories on the planet of design and will definitely come back with a new innovative project.

→ Andrei Gângă, Art Director MyKitchen Studio

Thinking about a kitchen design project?

Clients come to us for professional advice on designing and building a custom kitchen, but what we offer in consulting is more than technical. We offer an expert ear to listen to preferences, wishes, dreams, design ideas and materials that reflect the style of the future owner.

Our vision in kitchen design reflects your vision.

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