Furniture designers for kitchens with personality.

I started this journey in the late 90’s, in a turbulent and completely confusing period for any teenager at the beginning of the road.

I owe it to my father, who tactfully managed to re-channel my passion and creative skills for music and musical education towards wood, woodworking skills and implicitly to the modern furniture industry.

After a very real apprenticeship, a period in which I worked for almost three years in my father’s workshop, I had the chance to work for a prestigious German company and thus get in touch with the reality and complexity of this field.

Since then, I have always had the chance to meet many special people, professionals passionate with their own stories, happy or sad, who have strengthened my passion for furniture and especially for kitchens.

It all starts with a feeling that becomes a vision, then becomes a reality.

Once again, it was chance that helped me meet Doris, and together with her, we went through our professional coming of age.
We discovered a sort of much-needed balance together, working for almost 10 years for the historic brand Salvarani Cucine (Gruppo FEG) with a team of the highest human and professional quality.
There I learned, together with Doris, what professionalism means and since then we fight every day not to compromise on professional ethics and to convey the wonder of design into the homes and lives of our clients.

My Kitchen Studio

The decision to start our own kitchen design studio was a natural one, but at the same time, it proved to be a very difficult challenge, because we had to bring the concept of “Haute Cuisine” to customers disappointed by previous experiences, distrustful and impatient.
I later understood that our role in the market and the values we represent are necessary more than ever for those customers who know or want fatto su misura (tailor-made) design.
Our mission is to resist a strictly commercial thinking and to dedicate our passion exclusively to those clients we deserve and who deserve our effort.

Quality of life begins at home, in the kitchen.

MyKitchen Studio stands for more than “custom kitchens”, produced in accordance with a wish list and ideas of the client.
MyKitchen Studio is the concept-kitchen, a deeply refined project articulated on the personality of our customers, an elaborate composition made of technical details, ergonomic criteria and aesthetic considerations designed to arouse emotions and bring experiences that will enrich life in a domestic setting, alongside with family and friends.

Andrei Gângă, Founder and designer MyKitchen Studio

Welcome in our kitchen.

We are waiting for you at the showroom to compose together a concert of multisensory stimuli for your home kitchen.

Our mission is to provide an elegant experience of modern kitchen design to nurture intelligence, social and domestic life, friends and family.

At showroom we develop projects, here we hold events, here we meet old and new friends, here the magic happens behind the scenes of the kitchen.

It all starts with a feeling that becomes a vision, then becomes a reality.

Gândit ca sistem de project tracking și project management, Concierge intermediază toate procedurile de lucru și comunicare între studio și client pentru a simplifica relația de colaborare.

MyKitchen. Bucătării cu personalitate.