The harmony of Italian kitchen furniture design

Founded in 1976, Armony Cucine is a manufacturer of kitchen furniture with a factory in the province of Treviso, an area known for the development of Italian furniture making.

Armony’s philosophy is to combine artisanal values with high-tech factory production to create kitchens that redefine domestic comfort.

An Italian symphony of contemporary design

The kitchen is a space designed for aesthetic pleasure and emotions, a multifunctional space that defines conviviality.

Armony Cucine develops custom furniture for contemporary lifestyles. Their mission is to express the beauty and comfort of Italian cuisine, the creative freedom of design represented by the Italian kitchen.

Armony Cucine – Joy

A kitchen with a color palette called happiness.

Armony Cucine – Rho

A kitchen with a metropolitan personality

Armony Cucine – Rho_02

A peninsula on a continent called the kitchen

Armony Cucine – Tau

Italian kitchen design is defined by harmony.

Armony Cucine – Yota

Sensory travels in the world of Italian kitchen design

La cucina piccola fa la casa grande

Our production partners are Italian premium-luxury kitchen furniture companies, companies that combine craftsmanship with advanced factory technology to innovate with each new collection.