Good food has a great story to tell.

The same goes for kitchen furniture.

You will notice that one of the main topics in a kitchen with a “pretentious” design is the impression of the guests about the kitchen furniture, so sometimes we recommend a minimalist design, almost invisible, which leaves some room for conversation about food or favorite topics of the host.

Notice the snack table integrated into the peninsula which delimits the kitchen utilitarian space to create a socialization area separate from the work core.

One of the aesthetic quality markers for a custom kitchen is simplicity, and this configuration is made of two complementary materials, wood design versus Fenix ​​in ‘Grigio Londra’ finish, with a velvety texture and unique color.

The two materials discreetly communicate more important values ​​than aesthetic extravagance to summarize the essential – to live life with simplicity.

Construction materials

  • Columns and suspended units: Bilaminate wood finish ‘Noce Dozuki’
  • Base units: Fenix ‘Grigio Londra’
  • Worktop: Fenix ‘Grigio Londra’ finish
  • Open shelves: Fenix ‘Grigio Londra’ finish
  • Table: ‘Noce Dozuki’ wood bilaminate

Project consultancy for the custom design of a modern kitchen

We’re here to listen to you.

Clients come to us for professional advice on designing and building a custom kitchen, but what we offer in consultancy is more than technique, we offer a knowledgeable ear to listen to preferences, desires, dreams, design ideas, and materials that reflect the style of the future owner.

Our vision in kitchen furniture design reflects your vision.

We invite you to the showroom to meet our team, we have a lot to talk about.

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