A prototype that became a reality.

Zampieri Cucine presents the catalog for the new Irori collection, developed on the basis of elementary structures inspired by the Japanese hearth and minimalist aesthetics, which bring together a number of technical innovations in the processing of materials.

Notice the geometric line of the hood hidden under the wall cladding above the burners installed directly on the counter, a line designed to interrupt the balance of volumes and to separate the cooking area from the washing area.

Notice the tubular handles, a reference that we find for the feet of the table, elements that can be found in the entire Irori collection under different interpretations.

Construction materials

  • Base units, countertops, fronts, wall cladding – Inalco Vint
  • Illuminated shelves with wall cladding – Oxidized natural oak
  • Columns, woodwork – Oxidized natural strip oak
  • Irori table – Oxidized strip oak, satin titanium tubes with wheels

Project consultancy for the custom design of a modern kitchen

We’re here to listen to you.

Clients come to us for professional advice on designing and building a custom kitchen, but what we offer in consultancy is more than technique, we offer a knowledgeable ear to listen to preferences, desires, dreams, design ideas, and materials that reflect the style of the future owner.

Our vision in kitchen furniture design reflects your vision.

We invite you to the showroom to meet our team, we have a lot to talk about.

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