MENTA, a perfect balance between definite volumes and discreet spaces

Certain spaces fill up your soul. They are made to induce balance, rationality and comfort. The harmony of things becomes the harmony of thoughts. In this way a warm environment is born, infused with Zen philosophy.

Bucatarie FENIX

The monolithic island is made of Fenix® Nero Ingo and the worktop is made of compact Fenix, with a thickness of 1.2 cm, in the same super matte black finish.

FENIX is the amazing thermally renewable, anti-fingerprint and super-matte material, which allows the development of projects with an elegant and clean design that will stand the test of time.

The columns are made of bi-laminated finish “Rovere mogano”, the open compartments Waind are in the same wood and have the contrasting background in matt lacquer “Rosso vino”. The shelves have integrated lighting system.

Bucatarie Fenix
Bucatarie Fenix

The innovative Fenix NTM® material, in this composition in the colour Nero Ingo, allows the achievement of a whole kitchen with the same metal – kitchen fronts, wall panels and countertops, including cast sinks made out of FENIX®, the result being a truly spectacular one.

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