Ingenious visual tricks for a kitchen project with a peninsula designed for an atypical space.

We present the 3D visualizations for a new kitchen project situated in an atypical space with a length of 13 meters and a width of 2.10 meters.

Although considered “atypical” for a house, like a type of passageway, this type of kitchen space is similar in shape to most 2-room apartments in standard blocks of flats, but with slightly shorter lengths.

The space is lit by a single window located in the dining area, so we worked with a light-reflecting material – glossy lacquered MDF to brighten up the space.

Given the length of the space, the furniture is designed to serve several functions:

  • The group of columns in the far plane (across the width of the room) is used as storage space – wardrobe and shoes – for the kitchen entrance door from the garage.
bucătărie cu peninsulă
  • The group of columns along the length of the room houses the side-by-side refrigerator, two ovens, and lots of storage space for the kitchen instruments.
bucătărie cu peninsulă
  • The glass display unit includes an open lower shelf with an aluminum frame and glass base. The wall cladding behind the window with Noce Monza wood finish makes the chromatic transition from the kitchen space and the dining room thus becoming a visual star element.
bucătărie cu peninsulă
  • The kitchen ensemble is fragmented into 4 consecutive areas so as to use the depth vector as much as possible and to avoid the feeling of visual congestion. Had we worked with a mono-block furniture ensemble, the kitchen space would have been very loaded, thus we came up with the visual trick of fragmentation and freeing up spaces for transitions – between the columns, suspended bodies, glazed bodies, open shelving – thus undermining the visual clutter.
bucătărie cu peninsulă
  • Notice the LED light strip that highlights the horizontal perspective under the suspended bodies. The LED strip is continued under the glass bodies and above the open shelving to create a geometric effect designed to highlight the length and depth of the kitchen.


  • Worktop → Yamuna ceramic, 12 mm, including wall cladding
  • Columns, base and peninsula columns → Grigio Box glossy lacquered MDF fronts
  • Suspended bodies → Grigio Fumo glossy lacquered MDF fronts
  • Glass showcase → Aluminum frame with glass smoky doors and open shelf with glass base

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