A custom luxury kitchen to highlight your domestic space.

We present a kitchen configuration designed for utility, built within a generous space that allows the development of an eccentric ensemble – see the juxtaposition of the two central islands, one for washing food (with the sink integrated into the counter), and one for preparing and cooking food.

This ensemble proposes a maximalist style, where the minor details (profiles cut at 30 ° for countertop and door) represent major production innovations. The large volumes (glazed columns and columns with wood finish) are disguised by their integration in the wall, following the same line with the wall.

Although you might think there’s a lot of furniture, it is hidden within the general decor, with the two islands that sit in the center and concentrate the action in the middle of the room.

The black columns open with pocket doors to reveal a bar area, and the open shelves balance the mono-bloc volumes for visual comfort.

Construction materials

  • Worktop: Taj Mahal Glossy stone with 30 ° cut profile
  • Basic units: Glossy Kenya lacquer with 30 ° cut profile
  • Columns: Magma Oak
  • Glazed columns: Smoke glass, black aluminum frame

Project consultancy for the custom design of a modern kitchen

We’re here to listen to you.

Clients come to us for professional advice on designing and building a custom kitchen, but what we offer in consultancy is more than technique, we offer a knowledgeable ear to listen to preferences, desires, dreams, design ideas, and materials that reflect the style of the future owner.

Our vision in kitchen furniture design reflects your vision.

We invite you to the showroom to meet our team, we have a lot to talk about.

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