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A kitchen that breathes light

Our next project boasts a kitchen that embodies the perfect synergy of classic charm and contemporary design.

The beneficiaries of this kitchen wanted a neo-classical atmosphere (suggested by cornices and coffers, at the level of the ceilings) but combined with high-tech accents, built through kitchen furniture and appliances, and the sum of all these ingredients had to define a bright and comfortable ambience.

The kitchen with island and snack table as central elements

  • The centerpiece of the island kitchen is the refined Porcelanosa ceramic worktops in the “Paonazzo Biondo” finish, which exude a discreet luxury and add a sophisticated touch to the space: the worktop has an integrated sink made of the same material, and to highlight the worktop snack we opted for a present thickness of 8 cm.
  • The furniture elements in this kitchen are harmoniously designed, flooded with light, in a combination of white and bronze frosted glass on a ‘Champagne’ finish aluminum frame, balanced with smoked glass windows on a black matte aluminum frame.
  • The low-height columns, which incorporate the visible appliances – oven with steam function, microwave oven, espresso machine, thermal drawers – are framed, like a painting, by showcases designed to provide additional storage space.
  • The glass showcases are flanked by columns that offer generous storage space but also host 3 built-in refrigerators: one dedicated to the primary elements used as a base for food preparation, one for processed food and another for drinks and fruit.

Boiserie system

  • The note of warmth is given by the boiserie system in natural veneer “Noce Canaletto”, with LED lighting embedded in the thin shelves, on which the items to be at hand when you are at the snack table will be arranged.

The indoor herb garden

  • The planter for aromatic herbs is an oasis of life in continuous transformation, the one that gives real dynamics to the kitchen, being strategically placed next to the window, an end of perspective that captures your attention and rests your gaze. At the same time, the planter is a pleasant source of flavors and ingredients for many food dishes.
  • It is made entirely of Porcelanosa ceramic in the “Paonazzo Biondo” finish, with integrated LED lighting

Glass showcases as a design element

  • Designed as a window that illuminates from within, never turned off, the showcases frame the low-height columns as a border, displaying appliances in a black glass aesthetic. Shiny glass cabinets, delicately showcasing heirloom chinaware, reflect the ever-evolving beauty of the room. Discreet LED lighting, positioned behind the thin shelves, ensures a continuous flow of light in the evenings when entertaining guests or when enjoying only a dinner with close family members.

High aesthetic materials

  • Base units and columns integrating the visible appliances: Special matte glass ‘Opaque Bronze’, aluminum-champagne details
  • Columns: Frosted ‘Titan White’ glass, aluminum-champagne details
  • Porcelanosa ‘Paonazzo Biondo’ ceramic worktops with integrated ceramic sink
  • Porcelanosa ‘Paonazzo Biondo’ ceramic planter with RGB lighting system
  • Showcases ‘Ombra’ with smoked glass, matte black aluminum details
  • Snack counter module ‘Sbalzo’ made of Porcelanosa ceramic ‘Paonazzo Biondo’, thickness 8cm
  • ‘MiniLeaf’ boiserie system in ‘Noce Canaletto’ natural veneer with LED lighting built into the shelves
MK Project 26-bucatarie moderna de lux si design ceramica+sticla
Echipa My Kitchen Studio

How did we approach the project?

This kitchen project integrates many of our favorite elements of modern kitchen luxury design – bright design, fluid concept, ergonomics and comfort.

The kitchen plays upon the delicate reflection of the glass fronts on inner aluminum frame, in no less than three interpretations: the milky white Titan White, the translucent satin bronze and the Ombra showcases.

As graceful as the glass – chemically blasted – is, it offers an unrivaled collection of practical properties: completely anti-fingerprint, scratch-resistant, easy to clean and – most importantly – it will always look as immaculate as the first day.

The project is defined by the bold note of ceramic tops with a pronounced veining.

Binova Kitchen, Model LAB ⎜

→ Andrei Gângă, Art Director MyKitchen

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