“Some painters turn the sun into a yellow spot, others turn a yellow spot into the sun.” Picasso

We have creative freedom when choosing and matching materials for a kitchen, yet more than having the vision, we need the courage to work with certain materials or colors.

Given that a kitchen is designed and built for at least 15 years of use, our choices will echo over time, we must see in the future, to know for sure that we’ll enjoy the choice of materials even after 5 or 10 years.

We present a kitchen developed around a star color – the yellow “Giallo Zolfo” – contrasted with the gray textures of the columns and the stainless steel worktop. The neutral gray background is warmed up with a spectacular color – the solar and glossy yellow of the island.

Notice the wooden open shelves that interrupt the monobloc rhythm of the columns or the shelves on the aluminum structure suspended above the sink, they open up space and are useful for handy storage of kitchen accessories.

In order to maintain a minimalist line, the wall-mounted faucet with the single switch is also a highlight, and in terms of details, the areas illuminated with LED lights make for a delightful atmosphere.


  • Island fronts and bases: Melamine Concrete Light
  • Suspended units and columns: Noce Canaletto
  • Worktop and island side front: Ceramics with natural grain
  • Sliding table top: Noce Canaletto

Project consultancy for the custom construction of a modern kitchen

We are here to listen to you.

Clients come to us for professional advice on designing and building a custom kitchen, but what we offer in consulting is above technique, we offer a knowledgeable ear to listen to preferences, desires, dreams, design ideas, and choice of materials that reflect the style of the future owner.

Our vision in kitchen furniture design reflects your vision.

We invite you to the showroom to meet our team, we have a lot to tell.

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