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Natural simplicity in an open-space kitchen design inspired by Japanese aesthetics

From the very start, our vision was a fluid design that would link the kitchen, dining, and living space in an elegant and feminine way, but that would not feature the extra sweetness of glamour. We were inspired by Japanese design, where everything is fluid, integrated, but also dynamic, with elements that give a feeling of motion (that they can move, slide, etc.).

The mission was not quite easy as we had to employ technical solutions to the many constraints of space with difficult architecture. We worked with a fractured space featuring a multitude of beams and resistance pillars, all of which had to be incorporated discreetly into the furniture.

  • We worked on the space starting from the ceilings, for which we used a grid of slats that integrates the lighting system using LED spotlights – which are arranged like an abacus and have an important role in offering a dynamic sensation.
  • The kitchen is as discreet as possible but very practical, the chic element being the hood integrated into the Natural Walnut wall cladding system that continues in alignment with the dining and living area.
  • The client wanted a library area that would also offer a way to exhibit various objects and small works of art, but the special request was to avoid the idea of ​​a shop window. Thus came the idea of ​​backlit shelves with glass partition sides, which bring the element of preciousness and, again, the dynamic feeling.
  • The bioethanol fireplace is positioned next to the table – the table being the central place for socializing. We created a “hearth” of introspection near the table, with a central element – fire – that brings people together and maintains the domestic warmth.
  • We opted for a sofa with a solid wood structure for continuity in our Japanese-inspired design where simplicity and naturalness prevail. Next to the sofa we have a window “unhappily” facing the neighbor’s yard, and in order to get natural light, we designed a textile screen, which is backlit naturally during the day and artificially in the evening, on which we proposed a print with Japanese motifs.
  • It should be noted that light and lighting systems have a functional role and allow freedom of configuration for different lighting scenes through which we can get different moods depending on the time of day.


  • Natural Walnut
  • Soft-touch Laser Stone Gray
  • Gray Piasentina Materico
  • Yamuna ceramic
  • Canaletto Walnut Table and Chairs
  • Brecia Capraia Lucido ceramic table top
  • Champagne satin aluminum metal elements


  • Slim integrated hood (20 cm) with external motor
  • Induction hob with filo-top mounting
  • Full Steam oven
  • Wine bar H.60 cm
  • XXL 75 cm refrigerator
  • Dishwasher
  • Ceramic sink built into the countertop

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