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An universe revolving around the kitchen

We prepared a new kitchen project for a couple of old MyKitchen clients for whom we designed a kitchen 10 years ago. Although they had a project for a new house with a larger living space and a garden, they hesitated for a long time to make the final decision to move from the old house, where they felt very comfortable precisely because of the kitchen. The two spend the vast majority of their time at home in the kitchen.

When we started working on the new project, the express condition of the two was that this new kitchen should be at least as spectacular, comfortable, welcoming and above all functional as the previous one. Our advantage is our previous experience with these clients, so we have come to know their requirements, affinities and preferences in depth.

Maria is a passionate chef who experiments with dozens of recipes, and Robert is an expert in eating what Maria cooks. We knew everyone’s needs, the mission was to combine elements of functionality and design folded on their personality.

The kitchen with island and snack table as central elements

  • The kitchen with island occupies a good part of the living area, but the idea was to integrate it into the environment to find its natural place, to become part of the experience of the space, an open space with double opening, to the living room and to the terrace;
  • Being a space with a dual purpose – open space kitchen and living room – it was necessary to have a separation, a partition made by means of the island with a snack table (which sometimes becomes a home office), to avoid the feeling of ‘living in the kitchen’;
  • Notice the bookcase to the left of the kitchen, an element that takes up wall space and allows storage for books and decorative or functional items.
  • To the right of the two ovens, we have a column with a baguette handle that hides the built-in refrigerator.

The planter as a partition element

  • The partition element is the island with the snack table and planter, thus dividing the areas.
  • The planter is an element especially designed for this kitchen, made of recomposed marble, perfect for the small indoor garden with always fresh aromatic plants.

A kitchen opening onto the garden

  • The snack table is oriented towards a superb terrace, and the open space kitchen is designed to offer this outside perspective;

The hood as a design element

  • The hood that hovers above the hob and the herb garden has a double function, both for taking in the cooking steam and for lighting the work space;
  • In the background perspective, we have a living room with suspended and backlit showcases for decorative objects. Maria has an impressive collection of elegant tableware and kitchen accessories, so the display cases are perfect for showcasing the collection.
  • We used the same wood of the snack table for the wall cladding with illuminated shelves in the living room, similar in concept to the illuminated shelves in the kitchen.

Materials inspired by nature

  • Suspended fixtures: Ribbed oak wood (pleats) with tobacco patina
  • Base units, columns and wall cladding: Fenix Verde Commodoro, aluminum-champagne details
  • Laminam Pietra Porfido Marrone ceramic tops with a slightly rough surface
  • Glass showcases
  • Smoked glass top module

How did we tackle the project?

This kitchen integrates many of our favorite elements of modern kitchen design – concept, spaciousness, harmony between geometry and choice of materials.

The main idea was to highlight the space so that the kitchen becomes a central element of attention. The two customers spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so the control desk must be multi-functional – to receive light from the terrace, to have an opening to the living room, to be able to entertain guests, to be useful for cooking.

We worked with materials inspired by nature, wood (plain and fluted) and two types of stone for countertops and cladding, including a technological material (Fenix) but represented in a natural color (green), juxtaposed alongside glass to outline a personality for the kitchen.

→ Andrei Gângă, Art Director MyKitchen Studio

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