SEGNI is a creative design for integrating the kitchen and dining area with the living room, office and library, in a fluid and unitary environment.

Bucatarii moderne, bucatarie piatra

The natural elements such as the carefully selected marble and the oak veneer that come from millennia old excavated trunks, overlap with the ultramodern – minimalist volumes.

You will be astonished by the fronts high up to the worktop, with a special bronze profiling, which thus exclude the handles or the groove profiles and give the countertop an almost non-existent thickness.

Bucatarii moderne, bucatarie piatra
Bucatarii moderne, bucatarie piatra

The columns, with a construction system particular to this model, offer entire fronts panels from floor to ceiling, thus ensuring a discreet and unitary background, similar to that of wood paneling.

The wall panels evoke the “pots shelves” of a bygone era and the partition systems with shelves on bronze metal structures define the functional spaces and their role.

SEGNI has the capability of restoring the pleasure of cooking and creating together, of receiving guests, to wonder and socialise in an environment full of tranquility and unique personality.

We are waiting for you at the showroom, where you will discover the magic of SEGNI and will be able to enjoy the finesse of pure Italian design details, a creative result emerged from the passion of designers Paolo Zampieri and Stefano Cavazzana.

Bucatarii moderne, bucatarie piatra
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