Adi T.

People passionate about their work.

Involved beyond just drawing a kitchen and ticking another client, willing to understand/see the space and dependencies around it. They managed to reinvent my kitchen having to deal with the difficult geometry. Very satisfied with the result and I highly recommend them.

PS: Sometimes Andrei may seem a bit too passionate about his work and strong on his opinions but it’s just a guarantee that with inputs from both sides you can get a great result.

Alex and Laura

We clicked in 30 seconds.

When he heard that we were chefs, Andrei’s eyes widened that he could design a professional kitchen with stainless steel surfaces and generous workspaces. We would have liked it, maybe it would have used us more, but we don’t want that, we already have a place like that at work.

We wanted an elegant space, a home kitchen as a seating area, an extension area of the living room. We are tired of cooking, we do not like to cook hardcore at home, after long hours spent at the restaurant, but the kitchen must be designed and equipped “like for war”.

The kitchen is exactly what we thought it would be – to enjoy working in it or just sit idle, talking to friends.

Tudor and Divina

A journey about the people we resonated with, a communion of friendship and positive energy.

I thought that the most difficult part of building a house is the structural, construction engineering, but we came to understand that the personality of the house is given by the interior design, and these details bring magic to the home. More than materials, construction site and Excel lists, building and arranging the house and kitchen were a journey about the people I resonated with, a communion of friendship and positive energy.

Ghenadie Ceban

More than a furniture maker or designer, Andrei is a kitchen creator.

In 2 hours we argued 4 times, but we reconciled in the middle with a variant that we both liked. I was glad that I was contradicted, rejected and eventually guided by Andrei in the design of the kitchen.

It started with my theoretical ideas, rejected first-hand practical solutions, helped me define my desires and expectations regarding kitchen furniture. More than a furniture designer, Andrei is a kitchen creator.

Sorina Marin

It was easy for us to choose MyKitchen because here everything is superlative: counseling, design, materials and installation.

Many times, when we see a perfect kitchen, we think about how much we would like it to be ours.

The first preconception was related to the size of our 6 sq m kitchen in an old building.

We thought that it couldn’t look so spectacular and that we wouldn’t have any more work space if we filled all the walls with furniture. Nothing less true. Everyone who enters the kitchen has the same impression as us, that it is much bigger than before. And this is due to the perfect design, the good quality materials and the attention to detail.

The second preconception was price-related. After visiting and seeing several kitchens with a similar price, it was easy for us to choose MyKitchen because here everything is superlative: counselling, design, materials and installation.

Mihai George

Very satisfied.

Professional and polite people. Both the design and installation were excellent and guided us to the best solution.

Carmen Cauni

Wonderful people from whom quality things emerge. I highly recommend.

Cristian A.

I want to thank you all for the professionalism of the team, the quality of the materials and the installation process.

Alina M.

I had total confidence in the creative vision for my kitchen and in the MyKitchen installation team and the project turned out perfectly.

Apart from a minor technical issue, I did not change anything in the original proposal.

After all, why interfere with the specialization of a designer paid to help you?


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