Custom kitchen furniture design & consulting services

Kitchens with personality

Our kitchens are built to order, each project is original and customized down to the last detail, according to the dimensions of the space, the style of the house, and the style of the owner.

Made in Italy

Our kitchen furniture is made by partner companies in Italy, in factories that combine craftsmanship with the latest production technologies for exceptional results.

Official production partners:

Let’s develop the project for your new kitchen

Design consultancy

You’re welcome to the showroom to discuss the design project, this talk help us understand what you want and what we can achieve together so we can make a plan for your new kitchen.

Kitchen design

The design project is a customized solution for your kitchen furniture configuration, materials and functionality. You will receive optimal design solutions for your space, material recommendations and systems that work beautifully together.

Personalized offer

You will receive a complete offer that includes our design proposal, materials, accessories and costs for the construction of the kitchen. Our mission is to provide you with complete services, so we will continue to develop the project after signing a contract.

360° services

We offer complete design and project development services for your kitchen. The project is coordinated from start to finish: sketches, measurements, technical calibrations, order processing, transport, assembly and commissioning of the kitchen.

Additional purchases

We deliver a completely functional kitchen project that includes the purchase of appliances, lighting systems, or accessories. Our mission is for you to enjoy the utility of a modern kitchen.

Expert installation

Furniture assembly is an art in itself. The technical team has solid experience in the correct installation of furniture for the best operating conditions. We have installed several hundred kitchens and know the furniture systems down to the smallest parts.

What do 360° services include?

We know you come to our studio for complete services, so our system is very flexible and easy to follow.


Professional measurements

We make our own measurements of the space, so that we have control over the construction parameters and technical conditions.

Calibration of the kitchen project

Based on the measurements, we calibrate the technical project to perfectly integrate the furniture and accessories into the kitchen space.

Processing the production order

We ensure the correct processing of the kitchen project and follow the order confirmation until delivery.

Additional purchases

We offer recommendations and coordinate purchases of household appliances, lighting systems, accessories, interior design elements.

Kitchen installation

The kitchen furniture will be delivered to your address and our installation team will install all the elements required for a functional kitchen.

Schedule a kitchen design session

Choose a date and time slot from the form to schedule a kitchen design consultation session at the MyKitchen Studio showroom.


Programări consultanță

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