Custom kitchen consultancy and design services

Kitchens with personality

Our kitchen design projects are custom-designed and built to detail. All elements are personalized to suit the available space, the style of the house, and the owner’s personality.

Made in Italy, cento per cento

Our custom kitchen furniture projects are built in high-end Italian factories that combine artisan craftsmanship and innovative technology for exceptional results in furniture production.

What is our work process?

We design kitchen furniture using specialized 3D software (3Cad, Metron, SketchUp), based on extensive catalogs of modules and standardized accessories which can be customized to the letter according to your space.

Design consultancy

Meet us at the showroom to discuss your kitchen project, the consultancy sessions help us understand what you want and what we can build together.

Space measurements

If you do not have a plan for the kitchen space, our team can make professional measurements to frame the kitchen space and notice any type of technical specifics.

Kitchen design

Your kitchen project is a customized solution of design, materials, and functionalities which work best for your kitchen space.

Schedule a design consultancy appointment

Meet us at the showroom to talk about your new kitchen.

What will you receive during the consultancy and design stage?

Your kitchen will be designed to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

The technical project is used for the production of your kitchen in the factory. During the design stages, you can choose to personalize just about anything in your kitchen, using elements from our extensive collection of materials, shapes, sizes, functions, all custom designed to complement your vision.

  • We’ll choose together all materials and additional finishes;
  • We’ll choose the electrical appliances that will be integrated into your kitchen;
  • We’ll choose the sanitary installations and additional accessories (sinks, faucets, special storage systems, lighting systems, and sockets integrated into furniture etc.).

This process is important for your training, you’ll soon come to learn and understand all the necessary details that make your custom kitchen furniture exceptional.


Professional measurements

We do our own measurements of the space in order to gain full control over the construction parameters and technical conditions.

Kitchen design

Based on the measurements we make, we will 3D design your kitchen to integrate all necessary elements – furniture, appliances, ambient lighting.

Consultancy and technical recommendations

Our mission is to develop the optimum kitchen configuration for your space using the materials you like and the systems that work great together.

Project modifications and adjustments

We can make the necessary adjustments together during 2 rounds of changes, so that the final project is 100% designed and built according your taste.

The factory production of your kitchen

Let’s go through the coordinates of your project. We participate during the entire custom development process of your kitchen so everything will be in complete control.

1. The firm order

The 50% advance payment from the total value of the kitchen

If your decision is to continue working together after the design stage, you will sign the production framework contract, followed by the payment of 50% advance of the project value.

  • Signing the production contract allows us to turn your kitchen into reality.
  • The final technical project approved by you (including home appliance incorporation sheets and other specific details) is sent to the factory to obtain the Good for production notice.

2. Good for production

The technical design is registered at the factory and goes into production

The estimated delivery time of the kitchen starts from the moment the technical production project is validated at the factory and we receive confirmation that the project is Good for production.

  • The usual delivery time is 8-10 weeks from the Good for production confirmation;
  • When you receive the notification of Good for production, it means that the complete project is confirmed by the manufacturer;
  • After the project is approved for production and the factory delivers the kitchen on time, we can move on to kitchen assembly.

3. The final invoice

Payment of the final 50% invoice of the project value

Five days prior to the factory delivery time, we issue and send you the final invoice representing 50% of the project value, so that the kitchen is paid in full to the supplier in Italy.

  • We can respect the delivery term if the payment is made within the time frame written on the invoice.
  • Because we want to deliver on time, we need to synchronize with you at this point.

From project sketch to kitchen reality

We are a team of designers and technicians, including expert kitchen assembly specialists. We participate in the entire kitchen development process, from custom design, factory order tracking, up to the assembly stages, until your signature of receipt.

Your kitchen arrives home.

Kitchen delivery and installation

A high-quality kitchen means innovative furniture design, quality production and expert assembly services. You expect a perfect result from us, so:

  • The kitchen space must be prepared in accordance with the technical plans before installation;
  • MyKitchen Studio’s team of expert assemblers is trained for specialized kitchen installation operations;
  • Our team takes care of all the installation details, no additional help from you or other construction teams is required.

Do you have any kitchen site delays?

We can reschedule the kitchen installation

  • If you need to delay the delivery and installation of the kitchen (for example, if works on site are not completed), just let us know at least 2 weeks in advance so that we can reschedule the delivery and installation of the kitchen.
  • If during installation, we identify any constructive inconsistencies between the kitchen furniture project plans and the kitchen installation space, the furniture installation date will be rescheduled according to the MyKitchen Studio agenda, after the client prepares the space according to the given plans.

Explore our projects

We have prepared case studies for some projects in our portfolio, you can explore 3D renderings and photos of completed projects.

Ode to the kitchen

Behind the scenes of a design show

Before starting a collaboration, please help us with the completion of the preparation stages:

  • Establish an average and a maximum budget, depending on your criteria.
  • Elaborate a list of criteria, specifications, needs, desires;
  • Prepare a series of visual inspirations for the style of your kitchen, with images from Pinterest, Instagram, or our Facebook page.

Harmony in the kitchen

Our concept is the kitchen as a whole, an ensemble composed of modular units, made up of individual elements.

Our mission is to coordinate these elements within an ideal configuration so that the whole works in harmony.

If you are planning your new kitchen, and if you have not gone through this experience before, we recommend a little patience.

Terms and conditions

Read this information about the Design service, they are good to know in our collaboration relationship.

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