The magic of Italian design

FENIX NTM® (NanoTechMaterial) is an innovative material from the wide family of high pressure laminates, developed and produced exclusively in Italy by Arpa Industriale, used for countertops and modern kitchen fronts, whose outer part consists of a nano-technological surface.

Water resistance and heat shock stability allowed Italian manufacturers of FENIX® kitchens to “play” with this material and use it virtually anywhere in the kitchen: furniture doors, countertops, backsplash, close to the hob and even inside the sink!

The treatments by nano-technological processes allow the surfaces of FENIX® applied to the raw panels with minimal formaldehyde emission (class E1), implicitly the kitchens of FENIX to be: anti-fingerprint, hygienic, soft to the touch, impermeable, resistant to impact and rubbing, solvent resistant, repairable in the case of micro-scratches, with a large reduction of the bacterial load and with anti-mold properties.

FENIX® kitchen surfaces do not deteriorate near a heat source or in direct contact with water. And if the sink is in continuity with the countertop, then it is the best solution from an aesthetic point of view: you can create a perfect monolith made up of the countertop, door fronts and sink, all made of the same material.


How is the wonder material produced?

The core is made of paper impregnated with heat-resistant resins, while the outer surface is treated with next-generation acrylic resins.

Then the surface undergoes the process of hardening and fixing with electron beam curing, which strengthens it, giving its very special features for the interior design world.

When viewed under a microscope, you can see that the surface of FENIX is uneven, like a landscape full of peaks and troughs. Rather than being reflected, the light is diffused, making FENIX highly opaque.

Its closed surface avoids the passage of dust and water, which simply slide off, thus FENIX NTM® is 100% hygienic and waterproof.

From micro to macro

When the dimensions reach infinitesimal levels – 1 nanometer = 1 millionth millimetres – the particles acquire physical and chemical properties that have already been used in other fields to obtain new and surprising materials.

Characteristics of Kitchens in Fenix

  • Repairable in the event of micro-scratches 
  • Anti-fingerprint
  • Low light reflection and extreme opacity
  • Soft touch
  • Designed at nanoscale


  • Unicolor, ranging from pure white (Bianco Kos) to intense black (Nero Ingo)
  • Shades of gray, brown and even red, green or blue
  • Metallic colours, DOHA family: Zinc, Bronze, Lead and Titanium
Bucatarii FENIX
Bucatarii FENIX

FENIX NTA® – Real metal structure

FENIX NTA® is the evolution of Fenix and was released in May 2017. Its structure consists of a sheet of metal with a multi-layer coating and a surface treatment with next-generation acrylic resins, hardened and fixed by a surface special process.

Soft to the touch, anti-fingerprint, scratch-resistant, and thermal healing as FENIX NTM®, has a high resistance to acids, solvents, and domestic cleaning.

FENIX NTA is a harmonious blend of aesthetics and technical performance. Its metallic component makes it an extremely elegant, timeless material. Last but not least, it can be easily combined with other types of materials.

Highly hygienic, easy to clean, anti-fingerprint, antistatic and does not require special maintenance: a wet cloth with hot water and neutral detergents is enough to restore its original look. For aggressive stains and abrasions, switch on the magic sponge (melamine) and you’re done.

Available in 3 metallic finishes:

  • Hamilton Stainless steel 
  • Cortez Gold
  • Dukat Silver

What does FENIX® regeneration mean?

Thermal healing means the repair of surface scratches using dry heat, especially using a hot iron.

It is enough to place a sheet of damp kitchen roll over the area with the scratches and then iron over the kitchen roll with a hot iron with circular movements for 10 to 30 seconds and wipe the affected area with a dry cloth, with circular movements.

Using the melamine foam sponge (also known as a magic rubber) is enough to rub the area where the scratches are visible; the sponge can be used both dry and slightly wet.

This explains the correspondence with the Phoenix bird: the symbol of rebirth, the mythological figure who is reborn and returns to its original form.

Routine care and minor stains removal in a FENIX kitchen

The FENIX surface must be cleaned regularly but does not require any particular care:
  • For regular cleaning simply use a soft, wet cloth or a microfibre cloth wet with hot water or detergents.
  • To remove minor stains it is sufficient to use a non-abrasive cloth soaked in hot water.
mobilier bucatarie italia

FENIX Kitchen doors

Fenix kitchen doors are made from a base panel finished in an external layer of this innovative material. In our kitchens, depending on the model, My Kitchen Studio uses:
  • Fenix applied to the external and internal surfaces of MDF panels, with painted edges; 
  • Fenix applied to the external surfaces of particleboard panels and laminated to internal surfaces with coloured ABS edges;
  • panel in solid HPL, internally composed of layers of cellulosic fibres, soaked in resin, and externally finished in layers of Fenix.

FENIX worktops

Fenix surfaced worktops are available in different thickness to meet the aesthetic needs of each single kitchen.

In our kitchens we use as base either particleboard panels surfaced with Fenix and with coloured ABS edges, or a panel in highly resistant solid HPL, composed of layers of cellulosic fibres, soaked in resin, and externally finished in layers of Fenix.

Bucatarii FENIX

Materials of high aesthetic and functional standard

We offer an extensive range of innovative materials for the construction of a modern kitchen.

Very important in the choice of materials is the way the kitchen is used to establish the point of convergence between the aesthetic and functional factors.