Among the various types of kitchens, the Island Kitchen is characterised by the presence of an island – hence the name – at the centre of the room, separate from the other cabinetry. It is the most contemporary choice, both for its aesthetics and for the opportunities to manage space and find a place for every utensil and appliance.

A popular choice, a versatile and dynamic solution.

Buying an island kitchen is a choice that can bring multiple benefits to a large family or a family that often entertains friends and has parties.

Interior design trends speak for themselves: not only does a modern kitchen with an island (or peninsula) become an environment of a high visual impact, but it can be transformed into a real dining room, or an area used for the social interaction of a snack or brunch and has many benefits: apart from the freedom of movement, the cook is never alone and always has a view of the room, thus participating in domestic life, to everyone’s benefit.

More space available to experience the kitchen.

Beyond the functional optics of an island kitchen (made up of fewer massive pieces of furniture), this layout is perfect for children, you get more space at the table and will discover an environment that becomes the heart of the house again, a vision that can create and maintain the link with living area in a practical and completely natural way.

The island kitchen allows advanced technical solutions.

The central island can be operational and equipped with a cooking and / or washing area or can be used for preparation. In both cases, the space in the furniture units under the island can be easily accessed if it has drawers and baskets.