Working principles and professional code of ethics

A design manifesto for your new kitchen


The designer-client relationship works wonders when we have chemistry and trust.

We’re chosen by our clients because they want to work with us, it’s a choice based on trust and enthusiasm. When this relationship starts on the right foot, it is guaranteed we can dance all the way. Our mission is not to make a good first impression, what we want is for the completion of the project – your kitchen – to really impress you.

The reasons why we believe we can work together are: know-how, unique technical solutions, originality and over 20 years of experience in kitchen design. Consider this analogy – if the kitchen would be a vital organ, the heart of your house, you should definitely trust the kitchen doctor.


We have a common mission – to design a kitchen that makes your life more beautiful.

Kitchen design is a collaborative process, it requires the involvement and patience of both parties for the relationship to bring the best results. We offer customized solutions for unique projects, and together with you we can develop an extraordinary project. We need you as much as you need us, let’s meet in the middle.


Transparency in communication opens the doors to creativity

Be open, communicate sincerely, we are here to listen to you patiently and to understand your real needs and desires. The correct approach for your project is to find solutions for real situations – real budgets, real constraints, special styles and personalities.

We offer and expect transparency, we cannot function without transparency, especially when it comes to working budgets, technical constraints, construction site problems, aesthetic preferences.


If you want our solutions to surprise you, expect surprising questions

These questions help us understand the story of the house and your way of life, as well as to eliminate the uncertainties for the good of the project. We listen and ask, we observe from all perspectives to offer the optimal solution in terms of aesthetics and functionality. We offer an informed ear that hears more than you tell us, seeks to understand your motives, reasons and feelings.


Responsibility is a professional imperative

We have the responsibility to follow the natural steps and recommended procedures to develop custom kitchen projects. We know that we provide services and products with upper echelon prices, so we do not allow ourselves to skip stages, we do not work in zigzags, we do not hurry anywhere, each stage has its own importance in the general framework for the good of the project.


We manage expectations with a healthy dose of realism

We have the duty to fully inform you about every detail of your kitchen project to facilitate an informed choice. We will inform you about the benefits, as well as about the disadvantages, you will find out pros and cons, professional points of view in order to achieve the objectives of your project.


We have complete freedom to be creative

We believe that it is important for a specialist to imprint his vision and experience in his own field of activity. If you know exactly what you want, exactly how you want it, and the designer is just a service provider, you are not our customer. We like a degree of creative freedom, you will receive from us proposals that you haven’t even thought about, and this element of surprise adds value to the project.


Flexibility is the new compromise

We believe that the power of objective argument can be superior to subjective considerations, and aesthetics work great with functionality and ergonomics. We cannot criticize your aesthetic choices, but we will insist on having a theoretical discussion about the implications of a certain color palette or about your choice of materials in the context of the project. The issues that do not involve flexibility and negotiation are those of safety, ergonomics and strength of materials, and this, obviously, for the good of the project.


Diplomacy and patience

A custom kitchen furniture project can be an obstacle course, it can arouse many passions, controversies, financial efforts, time efforts and requires a lot of patience. We have encountered more than we would have liked most of the main problems, as well as secondary ones, as well as invented problems. We have learned to see possible syncopes in advance regarding the project, communication, client-studio relationship – so you can count on us when the project road becomes difficult, we are here for you.


Each kitchen is an equation with a unique and original solution

When we know all the necessary data, we need to find the unknown that closes the equation, the design of your kitchen. We do not design unique kitchens for art’s sake, we invent a unique project for you, a unique kitchen, personalized to the detail, the natural result for your space and your lifestyle.

If your new kitchen is just a check mark in the agenda, you will not benefit from the design experience. If your new kitchen represents a new lifestyle and you have the patience to get personally involved in the project, the result will be amazing.

Andrei Gângă, Art Director