Explore our kitchen design projects

We have prepared case studies for some projects in our portfolio, you can explore 3D renderings and photos of completed projects for your inspiration.

Case studies

Case study 16

MyKitchen Studio & Voxx Design. A kitchen design meets interior design partnership

Case study 15

A porcelain-like kitchen with peninsula and glass showcases

Case study 14

A classically inspired kitchen with a touch of romance

Case study 13

An artistic kitchen with island and snack table in a house converted from an art gallery

Case study 12

This is the finished project for a U-shaped kitchen (or peninsula kitchen) designed by architect Eduard Năstăsoiu from Voxx Design, and recalibrated by Andrei Gângă, MyKitchen designer

Case study 11

Kitchen with peninsula designed for a smart and energy efficient home

Case study 10

A kitchen full of positive energy with an island that opens up to the pool and the lake

Case study 9

The absolute truth in life, design and domestic comfort. Stories from the new kitchen with Bogdan and Dana

Case study 8

Modern open space kitchen to bring the family together.

Case study 7

A luxurious kitchen like a New York bar scene from the ’30s.

Case study 6

White kitchen with peninsula

Case study 5

A kitchen as white as a wedding dress for a couple of wedding photographers

Case study 4

Glass kitchen for a couple of chefs at Kaiamo Restaurant

Case study 3

Fenix open space kitchen built for young couple's new home.

Case study 2

Triță family's new house. Kitchen talks and interior design

Case study 1

Minimalist kitchen project in a space with complicated geometry

Our projects


O bucătărie ca un tablou în 4 anotimpuri cu insulă centrală și vitrine de sticlă


Open space kitchen deconstructed like a game of Tetris and reordered in a logical system


In kitchen design, there is always a logic based on functionality and aesthetics.


We’ve designed a kitchen setup for a client with a very tight space with much potential.


We have received a special request from the hosts of the house – to design a kitchen that would include a mini-bar area for coffee and drinks.


Natural simplicity in an open-space kitchen design inspired by Japanese aesthetics


A rational and sophisticated kitchen in an ideal space for utility-based design


Ingenious visual tricks in a kitchen project with a peninsula designed for an atypical space.


Game of contrasts in an open space kitchen project with island that combines the classic with the ultra-modern


The new white kitchen in an Altbau apartment in Vienna → three cultures, three functions, one space.


Lignum et lapis, wood and stone. A design recipe appreciated for thousands of years.


An open space kitchen project that combines modesty with extravagance to achieve an aesthetic balance.


How can we transform a kitchen from a block of flats into a design catalog kitchen?


A white kitchen with peninsula and naturalistic influences in an airy and light-filled space


A balanced rhythm of heights, volumes and proportions in a new kitchen peninsula project.


“Eine Soziale Küche” designed for cooking and parties mounted in a converted space from a former garage in Bonn, Germany.


We designed this kitchen as a social center, with a cafeteria and wine bar, perfect for hosting organized or impromptu parties.


Industrial design and domestic warmth in a house surrounded by nature.


3D renderings for a kitchen project developed in a simple line and Nordic-Japanese style, based on subtle details and "hidden" technology.


A sexy interior design project for a single man in Oradea


3D renderings for a kitchen island and holistic design project


Interior design project with open space kitchen


The open space kitchen is an invite to explore domestic space.


How can we open up a kitchen space?

What is our work process?

We design kitchen furniture using specialized 3D software (3Cad, Metron, SketchUp), based on extensive catalogs of modules and standardized accessories which can be customized to the letter according to your space.

Design consultancy

Meet us at the showroom to discuss your kitchen project, the consultancy sessions help us understand what you want and what we can build together.

Măsurători spațiu

If you do not have a plan for the kitchen space, our team can make professional measurements to frame the kitchen space and notice any type of technical specifics.

Kitchen design

Your kitchen project is a customized solution of design, materials, and functionalities which work best for your kitchen space.

Schedule a design consultancy appointment

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