Kitchens with personality

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The case studies we present will take you behind the scenes of our exclusive projects: we reveal in luxurious detail the stories of some of the kitchens we designed. You can find valuable information here, which will help you understand better and in advance how to proceed to reach an exceptional result.

Case study 21

Reflections: A Kitchen with Personality

Case study 20

A Kitchen for a New Life

Case study 19

Ilinca's kitchen: a test passed with flying colors

Case study 18

'Da vero' a premium kitchen : the rigor of an Italian-style laboratory

Case study 17

A glass kitchen with peninsula that combines Nordic discipline with Italian detail

Case study 16

MyKitchen Studio & Voxx Design. A kitchen design meets interior design partnership

Case study 15

A porcelain-like kitchen with peninsula and glass showcases

Case study 14

A classically inspired kitchen with a touch of romance

Case study 13

An artistic kitchen with island and snack table in a house converted from an art gallery

Case study 12

This is the finished project for a U-shaped kitchen (or peninsula kitchen) designed by architect Eduard Năstăsoiu from Voxx Design, and recalibrated by Andrei Gângă, MyKitchen designer

Case study 11

Kitchen with peninsula designed for a smart and energy efficient home

Case study 10

A kitchen full of positive energy with an island that opens up to the pool and the lake

Case study 9

The absolute truth in life, design and domestic comfort. Stories from the new kitchen with Bogdan and Dana

Case study 8

Modern open space kitchen to bring the family together.

Case study 7

A luxurious kitchen like a New York bar scene from the ’30s.

Case study 6

White kitchen with peninsula

Case study 5

A kitchen as white as a wedding dress for a couple of wedding photographers

Case study 4

Glass kitchen for a couple of chefs at Kaiamo Restaurant

Case study 3

Fenix open space kitchen built for young couple's new home.

Case study 2

Triță family's new house. Kitchen talks and interior design

Case study 1

Minimalist kitchen project in a space with complicated geometry