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Kitchen furniture design

Custom kitchen furniture design and production allows us to be creative with details ranging from micro to macro. We help you design a vision of your ideal kitchen detailed to the millimeter within your domestic space.

We support you during all stages, from the starting idea, the design of the technical project, to the installation of the entire kitchen furniture set.

The kitchen sets the tone of the house in the art of interior design

The idea of designing a custom kitchen is the best opportunity to organize your way of thinking into a new lifestyle.
The kitchen brings a cultural component to domestic life, it’s a privileged family space and a lively environment for having friends over or hosting social events.

We build kitchens with soul, designed according to your aesthetic criteria and based on a technical data sheet.

Ode to the Kitchen

The forestage of a show

Before scheduling a showroom meeting, please help us by completing the following preparation steps:
  • Draw up a kitchen-plan that includes room measurements, including water positioning, electrical and gas sources;
  • Establish a list of criteria, specifications, needs, desires;
  • Establish an average and a maximum budget, according to your criteria.

For harmony in the kitchen

Our concept is treating the kitchen project as a whole, an assembly composed of modular units, made up of individual elements.
We have a mission to coordinate these elements into an ideal configuration for the whole to work in harmony.
If you’re currently planning your new kitchen, and especially if you haven’t gone through this experience before, we recommend a little patience.

Ode to the Kitchen

Our process is composed of 4 acts, followed by a prosecco:  

I. Allegro ma non troppo e un poco maestoso

Your visit at the showroom


Schedule a meeting at MyKitchen Studio showroom

We welcome you to an inspiration session to design a kitchen with personality.

If you want a complete project with a price offer for a kitchen furniture set, we need to schedule time in the agenda for a concept discussion at the showroom.

Andrei Gângă +40 749 032 522

Doris Luca +40 740 315 295

E-mail appointment

When you visit the showroom, we’ll configure the working details together, so that at the end of our first meeting we can draw all the coordinates of your project.

  • The budget you have available for the completion of the project;
  • The drafted sketch with the configuration of the kitchen for your space (according to your plans / measurements, or we can help you with the measurements);
  • The selection of all materials and additional finishes;
  • The choice of home appliances to be integrated into the project;
  • The choice of plumbing fixtures and additional accessories (sinks, taps, special storage systems, lighting systems and sockets integrated in furniture etc.).

II. Scherzo. Molto vivace – Presto

Design and planning

We will design the kitchen in sync with you

We evaluate and fine tune the outlined plan, based on the measurements you have drafted.

We develop a detailled 3D graphic design and also a technical plan to integrate furniture units, appliances and ambient lights.

We offer optimal solutions for the available space and recommendations of materials that work wonderfully together.

Let's put on stage an excellent project.

To view your completely personalised project (2D plans and 3D drawings) as well as the detailed price offer, we expect you once more at the showroom.

We do not send offers by e-mail before presenting them to you at the showroom – it is important to go through all the details together and make sure everything is perfectly clear.

At the same time, it’s the perfect time to make together all necessary project modifications and budget adjustments.

Firm order

If all goes well and your decision is to continue working with us, we will need you to sign the framework contract, followed by the downpayment of an advance that will allow us to continue the entire project development process.

Preparing the space for your wonderful new kitchen

We need to prepare the space according to the kitchen project, and here we refer both to the part of the related installations and to the possible interventions on the space, proposed by you or by us.

  • Space measurement and inspection of all existing technical conditionings;
  • Project adjustments (if applicable) and your confirmation for the final project before the production order is launched. Attention, once the kitchen is set into production, no changes can be made!
  • Drafting the installation plans (electrical, sanitary, ventilation and lighting) as well as the plans necessary for possible modifications and adjustments of the space (gypsum cardboard compartments, ceiling plans, etc.);
  • Regular visits to check the site works – you expect from us a perfect result, so your space must be prepared in perfect agreement with the plans before the installation!

III. Adagio molto e cantabile – andante moderato

Kitchen installation

Order launched into production

We are designers and technicians working with a team of expert fitters, we follow and participate in the entire design process, from the custom order with the kitchen manufacturer, to all the assembly stages, until the signature of reception.

Delivery and installation

A high quality kitchen means innovative furniture design, as well as personalised services: design and installation.

We always deliver and install the kitchen on the scheduled date, after the product has been fully paid. We cannot deliver earlier than the scheduled date.

Rescheduling the installation

On the other hand, if you want to delay the delivery and installation of the kitchen (for example, if the space works are not completed yet) just let us know at least 2 weeks in advance so that we can reschedule the delivery and installation of the kitchen.

IV. Finale. Presto 

The new kitchen party

Project completion

At the end of the installation we will do a careful verification of all the details together.

If an element needs to be replaced, we will have it replaced within a maximum of 20 working days, regardless of the type of product, material or finish.

Basic training

To receive the kitchen in good faith, we will provide complete training so you can organize yourself as efficiently as possible. We will brief you with the best solutions for cleaning and maintenance of the kitchen furniture.

At the same time, we will also give you instructions on how to use the appliances so that you can use them fully in accordance with your lifestyle.

Time for a Prosecco

If your project is a fully equipped ZAMPIERI kitchen with a value of over 25.000 euro, we will organize a festive opening dinner in the new kitchen, where you can invite up to 6 friends.

The food will be prepared by a famous Chef, who will come to your home so that you can enjoy your new Zampieri kitchen in the company of friends and a lovely dinner.

Experience the high class kitchen

Our kitchens inspire you to showcase the dining table and luxury cutlery saved for special occasions.

We design environments that truly embody your personality, modern kitchens for which you have to make a reservation to catch a seat at the table at home.

Carte blance

Let's create together a custom designed kitchen

You can choose from a generous suite of customizations of kitchen units, shapes, sizes, materials, functions or particular details.
We’ll brief you into design and production specifications so you’ll have all the necessary references about custom kitchen furniture, also about accessories and appliances.

Ode to the Kitchen

You are the composer of a kitchen design and front row spectator.

Together we can design a kitchen assembly in 3D modelling software based on exact dimensions, our work experience and according to your desires.

A stave for planning the kitchen furniture

All our kitchens are custom made, each project is original and uniquely customised, according to the size of the space, the style of the house and the style of the owner.

The kitchen is a special place located in the very heart of a home nurturing family life.

Welcome in our kitchen.

We are waiting for you at the showroom to compose together a concert of multisensory stimuli for your home kitchen.

Our mission is to provide an elegant experience of modern kitchen design to nurture intelligence, social and domestic life, friends and family.

At showroom we develop projects, here we hold events, here we meet old and new friends, here the magic happens behind the scenes of the kitchen.

It all starts with a feeling that becomes a vision, then becomes a reality.