Una cucina di grande bellezza.

Our collections are kitchen furniture ensembles created by innovative Italian manufacturers, inspired by tradition, modern kitchen design, and a repertoire of creative inspirations.

When we design a kitchen system, we are inspired by a multitude of materials, configurations, shapes and design concepts made in Italy. We consider Italian design and manufacture top standard for state of the art kitchens.

If you feel inspired by our selection, get in touch and we compose together a musical ode to your kitchen.


Armony Cucine – Joy

A kitchen with a color palette called happiness.

Armony Cucine – Rho_02

A peninsula on a continent called the kitchen

Armony Cucine – Yota

Sensory travels in the world of Italian kitchen design

Armony Cucine – Rho

A kitchen with a metropolitan personality

Armony Cucine – Tau

Italian kitchen design is defined by harmony.

Zampieri Cucine – Irori_Corner

A prototype that became a reality.

Miton Cucine – Menta_06

Minimalism in the kitchen, simple and effective.

Miton Cucine – Menta_03

Have a seat, today we’re serving kitchen design as the starter to a festive dinner.

Miton Cucine – Menta_02

We design a kitchen for the Chef's utility, the aesthetic details are for the dinner guests.

Binova Cucine – Mantis & Bluna

A custom luxury kitchen can highlight your domestic space.

Binova Cucine – Lab

Kitchen design is a study of ergonomics and aesthetics.

Special offers for special Italian kitchen furniture

We have prepared a series of price offers for various configurations of kitchen furniture presented in the form of a journey through the regions and cities of Italy.

If you find the ideal model for your kitchen, it can be customized in detail according to materials, sizes, shapes and colors.

The price is developed for the configuration in the offer, for an exact price quote please contact us to talk about your kitchen project.

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Special offers

Will you join us on a trip to Italy?

Carte blanche

Create a personalized kitchen design with us.

You have the freedom to choose from a generous suite of customizations for shapes, sizes, materials, functions, features.

We know all the necessary technical details of design, production, and installation of custom kitchen furniture, including appliances.

The vision sketched together at the showroom becomes reality at home.

A stave for designing kitchen furniture

We use 3D design software to create a kitchen design based on exact dimensions, as well as aesthetic and functional objectives highlighted by our customers.

You have creative freedom in choosing the configuration, materials and finishes of kitchen furniture, and our collections bring essential elements of inspiration from season catalogs of world-renowned Italian manufacturers.

Ode to the Kitchen

You are a conductor of the music playing in your kitchen

All our kitchen projects are made to order, each project is unique and personalized, according to the size of the space and the style of the house.

The custom kitchen project is carefully modeled on your wishes and criteria, to guarantee a final result that is worth the investment.