New kitchen materials

The appearance of “raw” cement has always attracted the attention of architects and interior designers as it is a finish that expresses unity and materiality: it has a homogeneous colour but makes a difference by its pronounced and irregular texture.

Originally from ancient Rome – Roman cement, whose original recipe was lost in time – this type of finish has long been studied and recently reinvented.

Mobilier bucatarie ciment
Mobilier bucatarie ciment

For kitchen furniture (fronts and countertops) specific resins are used, which ensure all the specific properties for use in the kitchen. Each element of a project must be analysed individually as CEMENT / MALTA is a completely handmade finish.

NB: Do not confuse Cement – Malta (resins) with finishing materials such as Microcement (waterproofed plasters), which are materials with a similar appearance but with completely different properties.

Pros and cons

  • Monolithic appearance, durability, can be easily associated with other finishes.

General use

  • Front doors
  • Horizontal and vertical covering panels

Price index

Materials of high aesthetic and functional standard

We offer an extensive range of innovative materials for the construction of a modern kitchen.
Significant in the choice of material is the way the kitchen is used and the establishment of the point of convergence between the aesthetic and functional factors.

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