Laminated panels (HPL)

Kitchen construction materials

Laminate panels were invented in the early 1960’s by the American company FORMICA CO and the HPL (High Pressure Laminate) brand became a reference to classify this type of material.

In the kitchen, HPL offers significantly superior performance compared to melamine panels. The process of making HPL is very different from that of melamine panels, which is why it is important not to create confusion between the two groups of materials.

HPL offers excellent resistance to shocks and scratches, and the fact that it is a material with a high degree of heat resistance makes it ideal for kitchen countertops.

The new generations of stratified (compact) HPL offer a combination of performances that cannot be matched by other materials and can be processed for any type of application (e.g.: under-mount sinks or even fully integrated sinks made of the same HPL).

Bucatarie moderna HPL

Pros and cons

  • Shock and scratch resistance, heat resistance, the multitude of finishes that replicate other materials.
  • Dark colors imprint easily.


  • HPL
  • Stratified HPL
  • CPL

General use

  • Countertops
  • Horizontal covering elements
  • Kitchen doors

Price index

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