The L Shaped Kitchen is versatile, ergonomic, and offers plenty of storage space.

A layout that develops on two sides and gives maximum functionality for the art of cooking.

The arrangement of kitchen furniture elements is fundamental for the work flow ergonomics, but also for a harmonious visual effect between the base cabinets and the high columns.

The countless benefits of an L Shaped kitchen

Modern life brings changes that affect both taste and house structure as well as the way a home is decorated.

With an L Shaped kitchen, you can make the best use of small spaces and, when the kitchen is really very small, the table can be placed against one end of the base units, creating a peninsula. This is best when there is a window nearby to open up the view.

The more and more frequent space reduction, but also the rediscovered desire to spend as much time as possible with family and friends, in the same environment, led to the fusion of the kitchen with the living area.

For this reason, with the aid of an L Shaped kitchen, you can create an airy space using utensil racks, open shelving, open drawers, shelves, and upper cabinets, at their best with glass doors offering a view of what is inside. This introduces variety and relaxes the view thanks to the different depths of vision.

We are talking about one of the trends of the moment, which will certainly consolidate over time, proving that it is not just a passing fashion.

Adopting a classical solution with a central table will create a properly furnished dining area. Therefore, the kitchen is no longer a separate room, but part of the living area. In other words, it is visible, a determining element of a formal and stylistic continuum.

Work flow ergonomics of the L Shaped kitchen.

When choosing an L Shaped kitchen there are many aspects you need to consider when designing the furniture, especially for the correct and logical positioning of each element, in a functional manner with respect to the dynamics involved in cooking, in other words, the so-called “workflows”. 

The layout of tall units and appliances on one side, with working areas on the other, is often the preferred choice of those looking for more space to store foodstuffs, pots, pans, and various utensils. On the other hand, it creates less than fluid workflows. 

The most functional solution is achieved by arranging the kitchen furniture elements in an ordered succession in correspondence with the corner: refrigerator, sinks, preparation area, cooktop/ovens.

Storage space in an L Shaped kitchen

The keyword is always “space optimization” by using storage elements with corner solutions (from corner units with comfortable mechanisms to the most sophisticated extractable systems with trays that intersect inside the compartments to exploit the internal space).

In modern L shaped kitchens, modular furniture units allow you to use the entire available space in a kitchen in order to create a comfortable and ergonomic area so that you can dedicate yourself to the preparation and consumption of culinary dishes (such as in peninsula kitchen layouts, where the upper cabinets occupy a large part of the kitchen on the corner and often ends with a snack counter), thus using the logic and resources of modular kitchens.

In the case of small kitchens, the L shaped kitchen composition is a very comfortable solution and if it is well organised, despite its small size, it is able to contain everything you need.

In a small L shaped kitchen try to avoid crowding the space and opt for suspended units, open shelves or even consider a boiserie with shelves as a corner element, which surely is an elegant solution to arrange the appliances on two adjoining walls.