Lacquer panels (MDF)

Kitchen construction materials

Commonly listed as MDF, MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) panels are coated with paints and varnishes to obtain matte, satin or glossy surfaces for an unlimited range of colours.

In order to benefit from all the aesthetic and practical advantages of this type of material in the kitchen, the painting and varnishing of the panels must be done on both sides as well as the edges of the panel, thus excluding an edging process.

A new finishing process consists in painting the MDF panel with metal powders and oxides, later completed with finishing processes by dry or wet polishing, which gives different metallic aspects but nonetheless authentic.

Bucatarie MDF

Pros and cons

  • Unitary appearance, no edges, custom colours and textures, authentic metallic finishes.
  • Sensitivity to impact / chipping of the corners (but with the possibility of easy repair).

General use

  • Front doors
  • Horizontal and vertical covering panels

Price index

Materials of high aesthetic and functional standard

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