Melamine panels

New kitchen materials

Melamine panels are the most widely used materials in the kitchen furniture industry. In general, they are simply classified as “chipboard“, although it is completely incorrect to categorize all types of melamine panels as such.

There are major differences depending on the quality of the decor (the image of the material being reproduced), the way the surface is impregnated and coated with melamine resins, or the type and thickness of the backing material.

Also, the edging process is a very important factor, which ensures the material’s “impermeability” and resistance.

Even if it is an economical material, the latest technologies make the melamine panels to be appreciated by customers interested in an optimal price but also an up-to-date design.

The melamine panels used for the structure are different from those used to make the front doors. They are designed to ensure stability and increased strength.

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Pros and cons

  • Low price, the multitude of finishes that reproduce other materials.
  • Artificial look, it marks easily, applied edges.


  • Coated (impregnated paper)
  • Melamine
  • Thermo structured melamine
  • Specific melamine for framework and structures

General use

  • Fronts
  • Vertical panel elements
  • Frameworks
  • Structures

Price index

Materials of high aesthetic and functional standard

We offer an extensive range of innovative materials for the construction of a modern kitchen.
Significant in the choice of material is the way the kitchen is used and the establishment of the point of convergence between the aesthetic and functional factors.

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