Contemporary premium-luxury kitchens, made with Italian excellence

Known to be one of the largest exporters of modular kitchens, Miton Cucine provides a wide range of high-quality contemporary kitchens as well as classic kitchen styles.

Miton Cucine kitchen design concepts blend naturally with contemporary lifestyles and offer maximum freedom of design as well as customization of materials and colors.

Factory-One, an ultra-modern furniture production center

Miton Cucine is a Cubo Design brand, led by Antonio Arangiaro. The furniture is manufactured in Factory-One, a kitchen and furniture production center located in Abruzzo, Italy.

Factory-One provides a future-oriented production structure in which the construction of kitchens is made within a computerized system, by fully integrating technological processes and highly skilled crafts.


Menta in Black Fenix

A monolithic Fenix NTM kitchen, all black, light mahogany elements and red-China backlit background

Miton Cucine – Anuba

The irresistible charm of an island kitchen with Mediterranean atmospheres

Miton Cucine – Menta_01

The transitional kitchen concept

Miton Cucine – Menta_02

We design a kitchen for the Chef's utility, the aesthetic details are for the dinner guests.

Miton Cucine – Menta_03

Have a seat, today we’re serving kitchen design as the starter to a festive dinner.

Miton Cucine – Menta_06

Minimalism in the kitchen, simple and effective.

La cucina piccola fa la casa grande

Our production partners are Italian premium-luxury kitchen furniture companies, companies that combine craftsmanship with advanced factory technology to innovate with each new collection.

Welcome in our kitchen.

We are waiting for you at the showroom to compose together a concert of multisensory stimuli for your home kitchen.

Our mission is to provide an elegant experience of modern kitchen design to nurture intelligence, social and domestic life, friends and family.

At showroom we develop projects, here we hold events, here we meet old and new friends, here the magic happens behind the scenes of the kitchen.