The modern Italian kitchen

All kitchen furniture elements are customized and made to order in Italy to create functional kitchen configurations with special aesthetic appeal.

Creativity is the main ingredient in Italian kitchen design

We design kitchen furniture in 3D software (3Cad & Metron) based on a catalog of modular elements and accessories of various sizes and configurations, connected to the factory production system in Italy.

Our projects are customized according to your requirements to fit perfectly into your kitchen space.

We can organize and customize individual pieces of furniture – bases, columns, shelves, snack tables, storage units or worktops to create a kitchen configuration.

Discover bellow some of the elements we work with to know what you’d like for your new kitchen.

Suspended units

proiect design mobilier bucătărie italia
Corpuri suspendate

Suspended units can be customized with most available materials and are equipped with different opening systems, handles or doors, depending on the design, size, position and function of the kitchen furniture.

Recommended options: integrated or applied handles, gola handle, decorative profiles. Together we can identify the type of personalization you prefer in the kitchen to combine utility with aesthetics.

Examples of suspended units

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Base units

Base units are the main elements of kitchen furniture, located under the worktop, designed for storing food products, dishes, utensils and kitchen inventory. Appliances can be incorporated into the furniture bases – oven, sink, dishwasher, or washing machine.

Base units can be designed in various standard or customized shapes and sizes to be integrated into the kitchen space according to certain measurements. Bases can come equipped with plinth or without plinth, or with legs of different heights.

Examples of base units

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The kitchen countertop

The countertop is an essential piece of kitchen furniture, the daily work surface, always under the strain of kitchen action, thus prone to wear. You can choose from a variety of customizable materials for countertops based on their technical characteristics or aesthetics.

A good part of the design of a kitchen is defined by the choice of certain details that outline the final picture. Countertop materials and options allow the customization of the fine details (thickness, profiles, joints) to achieve style effects and increase ergonomic values.

Examples of countertops

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Kitchen columns are furniture elements that start at floor level and generally rise up to the height of the wall or suspended units for extra storage space.

The columns are used as a storage spaces or to incorporate electrical appliances, like the oven (electric or steam), refrigerator, dishwasher, wine drawer, wine refrigerator.

Examples of columns

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Open shelves

Etajere deschise

Open shelves can be placed in various strategic locations within a kitchen configuration to serve for storage as well as to alternate with closed volumes of furniture for a lighter kitchen look.

We can integrate open shelves under suspended units, as columns sections or within an island unit. Most shelves can be lit with LED lights for impressive visual effects.

Examples of open shelves 

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Glass units

Glass showcases are furniture units with glass doors of various colors and degrees of transparency. They are very versatile elements that offer shape and depth alternation with the full volumes of a kitchen.

Glass showcases can be designed in various sizes – same as the columns, suspended units, bases, or in various intermediate sizes depening on the project. All glass units can be equipped with inside LED lighting.

Examples of glass units 

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Bookcase shelves

Bookcase-like shelves are spectacular design elements which can be used as separators between two areas (dining room and kitchen, or kitchen and living room) and their storage capacity can be quite generous depending on the design project.

Examples of bookcase shelves 

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The island

The island is a very modern and useful element for a kitchen configuration, if your space allows. The island can integrate a sink and/or hob, including storage spaces. Your choice of worktop and front materials will add value and a very cool look to your new island.

Examples of islands 

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Pocket doors

Pocket doors fold into the sides of the columns to save space when open. Functional design elements, pocket doors are designed for ergonomics in small spaces, as well as for the aesthetic effect.

Examples of pocket doors 

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Kitchen accessories can be very varied, starting with waste baskets, sink accessories or modular drawer systems to store cutlery, dishes and accessories, items of common use. All the elements that make up the organization on shelves and drawers are customizable according to the kitchen project.

Examples of accesories

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