What do we mean by custom kitchen design for modern living?

Kitchen design is an integrative and collaborative experience in which we coordinate composition elements (shapes, materials, functionalities) in an ideal configuration for your space, according to your requirements, so that the whole works in harmony.

We create elegant kitchen furniture custom designs

We design kitchen furniture in 3D software (3Cad & Metron) based on a catalog of standardized modules and accessories, of different sizes and configurations, connected to the production system of the Italian factory.

Our projects are customized according to your requirements so that they fit perfectly in the space dedicated to the kitchen.

All elements are customizable and made to order in Italy to use each space segment and compose functional kitchen sets with special aesthetic appeal.

mobilier bucatarie italia

The modern Italian modular kitchen

We work with Italian manufacturers that implement the concept of modularity in the production of kitchen furniture. MyKitchen Studio projects are built in high-tech factories in Italy, which combine traditional craftsmanship with the latest production technologies.

In a modular kitchen we can organize a series of custom furniture units, storage units that incorporate household appliances, floor bases, columns or high storage units, shelves, drawers, worktops.

Each element can be customized individually, and the creative configurations are unlimited.

Units suspended on the wall or upper cabinets

Fitted with different opening systems

The upper cabinets are equipped with different opening systems, handles or doors, depending on the design, size, position and function of the kitchen furniture:
• Swing opening;
• Sliding opening;
• Classical overlay cabinet fronts to folding;
• Flap opening;
• Vertical lift opening;
• Push-pull opening;
• Tilt opening;
• Electric opening.

They contain one or more shelves, including corner units, to ensure easy access even to the most concealed spaces.
Internal lighting, useful in general, it also makes for ideal courtesy lighting at night when the upper cabinet fronts are fitted with glass panels.
Under cabinet counter lighting creates ideal working conditions on countertops below.

Together we can identify the type of preferred customisation according to the logic of dynamics in the kitchen in order to combine utility with aesthetics.

Kitchen base units

Located under the worktop, designed for storage

Main elements of the kitchen furniture, the base cabinets are the support for the countertop, the operative heart of the kitchen. They are made of a frame, set on feet, with or without a baseboard, with cabinet fronts and shelves or drawers and/or deep drawers, covered by the countertop.

Base cabinets are used primarily to store food, stoneware and pots and pans, all of which can be easily and neatly ordered using accessories for drawers and deep drawers. They become even more practical when fitted with internal lighting.

The base units are also available in the following special configurations: base cabinets for integrating cooktops or ovens, base cabinets for built-in appliances or corner base cabinets - that can be fitted with a range of special accessories and full extension hardware. Apart from these, there are also floor mounted bases or suspended on the wall.

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The kitchen countertop is the daily work surface

The kitchen countertop contains the sink and cooktop, two fundamental elements to the functioning of any kitchen. It is also the space for cleaning, prepping, cutting and mixing foods, resting hot pots and pans, plating food and storing small kitchen appliances and everyday utensils.

The best countertop is robust, water repellent, resistant to heat and humidity, hygienic and easy to clean. In practical terms, choices must also consider tactile pleasure, because the countertop is constantly being touched and brushed up against by anyone working in the kitchen.

Choosing a countertop is never a simple task. It marks the point of encounter between aesthetics and function, both very important. Today’s proposals for countertops satisfy the widest range of tastes. They are available in technological materials like Fenix NTM®, industrially inspired stainless steel, classic quartzes, marbles and stones, and new materials such as coloured glass and increasingly more hard-wearing laminates.

bucatarii moderne italia

Kitchen columns

Furniture elements that start from the floor and rise to the height of the wall units or even the ceiling

Tall cabinets make the most of spaces without a countertop to efficiently complete the organisation of the kitchen. They are perfect for storing larger quantities of food, larger pots and pans and even the vast majority of built-in appliances, as well as pull out work surfaces. When closed, everything returns to an ordered harmony and an elegant and uniform appearance.

Tall cabinets vary in their dimensions. MyKitchen Studio proposes cabinets between 99 and 216 cm in height, with a single front, arriving up to 240 cm with two overlapping front panels.

For those looking for more, we also offer extension cabinets that fill the space to the underside of the ceiling.

bucatarii moderne italia

Cabinet fronts

The door front is the visible part of a kitchen

When fitting out a kitchen the choice of cabinet fronts determines the look of the entire space. This is why it is important to choose based on personal taste, because they are what we see in the kitchen day after day. Choices must consider technical aspects, tied to easy maintenance and cleaning, resistance and duration over time, in particular when the cabinet fronts are near a dishwasher, sink or oven which generate heat and humidity.

The cabinet fronts come in a variety of shapes ranging from flat, flamed - ideal for any kitchen with a traditional look -, tray frame panel, shaped panel, metal framed glass fronts, aluminium frame panels and overlapping panel to chamfered panel.

There is a wide range of materials used for doors: lacquered, melamine, laminate, decorative laminates, polymer, wood, FENIX, glass, stainless steel or even Peltrox.

bucatarii moderne italia

Drawers, baskets, dividers, holders, accessories

Modular storage systems

Modular drawer systems are designed to store cutlery, pans, pots, dishes and accessories, commonly used items.

You can choose from a wide range of dividers, supports, trays or baskets of various sizes that can be used for storage. The baskets are removable, to be cleaned or reorganised.

All the elements that make up the organisation on shelves and drawers are customisable according to the kitchen design.

An exceptional kitchen project highlights the available space

The evaluation and correct use of spaces are very important in the development of a kitchen scene. Creativity in design is conditioned by the context of a delimited space, and this factor may also define the style or typology of a kitchen:

Island kitchen

FENIX Kitchen


Glass kitchen

L Shaped kitchen

Classic kitchen


Peninsula kitchen

SoHo Essential

Linear kitchen

Segni Collection

U shaped kitchen

SoHo Eclectic

Ultimate ergonomics

We always consider the correct arrangement of the main areas in a kitchen: washing area, food preparation area, cooking area, and the cooling zone (the fridge and freezer), which must be arranged in an ergonomic manner.

The stages of food preparation are processes that need to be simplified in order to efficiently coordinate work areas (worktop, refrigerator, pantry, sink, hob, and oven).

The optimal configuration of the kitchen space considers the dynamics within the space, the actions taking place in this environment, in order to shape a free and natural flow of movement.

Materials of high aesthetic and functional standard

We offer an extensive range of innovative materials for the construction of a modern kitchen.

What is important in the choice of materials is the way the kitchen is used, the aesthetic and functional factors.